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Vettel with transmission damage: Interested looks from the edge of the track

Vettel with gear damage
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F errari wants to have a good race say goodbye to a bad season. On the first day of training in Abu Dhabi, the red racers looked much more competitive than last. Sebastian Vettel was only beaten by the two silver arrows. The gap was within limits at 0.269 seconds. In the first practice session, the Heppenheimer was more than a second behind in 5th place.

“In the morning we had a few problems on the hot track. I felt much more comfortable with cooler temperatures in the evening. The car was much better, ”said the driver, explaining the difference in performance. “It looked pretty good on one lap. The long run at the end may not have been as good as the runs before it. I had a couple of issues with the front tires. Maybe I was a little too aggressive. All in all, I was happy with the car today, ”was the positive conclusion.

Vettel observes the competition

Only a small technical mishap disturbed the beautiful picture. The transmission stopped playing a quarter of an hour before the final whistle. Vettel rolled out without propulsion at the edge of the track. “Of course, that's not ideal if something like this happens on a Friday. Of course I would have liked to have finished the last run and done a few more laps. But hopefully it shouldn't have any negative effects. Fortunately, we had already done most of our homework. ”

Vettel made the best of the situation. While his vehicle was being lifted onto the tow truck, the driver stood behind the guardrail and watched the competition: 'It was really interesting to have a look at the other cars on the track,' said the four-time world champion afterwards. Unfortunately, he did not want to reveal what knowledge he gained.

Vettel wants to fight with Mercedes

Despite the transmission problem, Vettel is optimistic about the rest of the weekend. “The pace was good. I hope that will also be the case in qualifying and we can put the car where it belongs on the grid. ”

He would also like to interfere in the World Championship duel at Mercedes. The belief in striking the silver arrows is not quite there. “The role of favorites is clearly assigned. Anyone who comes near can consider themselves lucky. But of course we also want to have a strong last race. We arehere to put up a good fight. If that means in the end that we can slide between the two Mercedes or even drive in front of them, then of course that would be good news. '


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