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Vettel with a new engine: & # 34; Parts work as expected & # 34;

Vettel with a new engine
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F errari attacks Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel went to the free practice sessions on Friday (June 5th, 2015) with an improved engine and new aerodynamic parts. The lap times give the Tifosi hope that the upgrades mean a leap forward. The times of the Ferrari drivers did not have to hide behind Mercedes.

'The parts that we had on the car today worked as expected. That was the most important finding,' was Vettel's positive conclusion. 'Of course it was a difficult day overall. The weather pushed the whole program together a bit. We knew the rain was coming. But we didn't expect that much rain.'

Good feeling with Ferrari upgrade

Ferrari completed several long runs in the first training session. In the afternoon only a short run with super softs was possible before the route no longer allowed usable data due to the rain. 'The preparation for the race on Sunday was of course not ideal. Today it was less about lap times and more about the feeling in the car,' says Vettel.

'We can certainly improve. I was still completely satisfied not. I hope we make the right changes for tomorrow. ' Vettel did not want to overestimate the good longrun times compared to Mercedes. 'We know that Mercedes is fast. Anything else would be a surprise.'

Ferrari chief technology officer James Allison also warned against underestimating the silver competition. 'It was a bit difficult today to read the times. Normally you always get a good feeling in training. But the weather made some of them run a different program today. It looked pretty good for us. But I think Mercedes did not yet shown its full potential. '

No risk in the rain

Vettel defended the decision that it was No driving in the rain. After Lewis Hamilton's accident, no one took any risks. 'In the case of Lewis, you could of course discuss whether the intermediates were the right tires for these conditions. However, the rain also increased quite quickly. During the accident, it became clear that from a certain amount of water you were only a passenger in the car. It's a shame for the fans. But we have no other choice. '


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