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Vettel vs. Webber: No stable management at Red Bull yet

Vettel vs. Webber at the Brazilian GP
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D r. Helmut Marko is the secret boss of Red Bull. Behind owner Dietrich Mateschitz, of course. After qualifying for the Brazilian GP, ​​Marko made a clear statement: 'There won't be any stable orders tomorrow.' Instead, there will be a debate on Sunday morning as part of the usual strategy meeting.

'We are going to explain our point of view to the drivers again. Both should appreciate that we let them drive freely. This is our racing culture. They should focus on racing, not politics close.' The accusation went in the direction of Webber, who gave the English journalists a steep assist with his comment that Vettel was the team's favorite.

Vettel and Webber have to cross the finish line before Alonso

Do you have to be afraid that the second and third of the training session will leave the track in the heat of the moment, as happened before at the GP Turkey? 'Both know that they are primarily driving for the team. And both have to cross the finish line before Alonso,' replied Marko.

Mark Webber's former boss Patrick Head cannot imagine that the Australian will voluntarily cross the finish line behind Vettels. 'Mark will not agree that the matter will be decided in Abu Dhabi. That would be far too risky.' When asked whether he could benefit from the Red Bull dispute, Lewis Hamilton replied: 'I'm not basing my race on the Red Bull drivers getting into each other's hair. The plan is to beat both of them on the track.'

Stable management in Abu Dhabi?

However, there is one scenario that could get the Red Bull strategists into trouble, even if fair play has priority. And that's not even that unlikely. If Vettel wins ahead of Webber and Alonso in Brazil, and the three drive towards the finish line in Abu Dhabi in the same order, then Alonso would be world champion. Because Vettel would only catch 20 and Webber only six points on the Spaniard. What do you do then, Mr. Marko? 'Then we will remind our drivers that they are team players.'


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