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Vettel vs. Ricciardo: & # 34; No penalty was the right decision & # 34;

Vettel vs. Ricciardo
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B ei Sebastian Vettel everything went wrong in Mexico that could go wrong. A flat tire on lap 1, a spin on lap 17 and a crash on lap 52 that ended the race. The Heppenheimer was served accordingly after the race. Vettel was initially not in the mood for interviews.

Vettel withdraws first statement

After he had looked at the scenes again with his race engineer, Vettel took a detailed position. Above all, the assessment of the collision with Daniel Ricciardo, which caused him a puncture, changed. In the heat of the battle, Vettel had complained by radio about the Australian's driving style and his hopeless attack.

'At first I was certainly a little angry because the race was lost. In retrospect, I have to say that it happened in the turmoil at the start and it was therefore the right decision not to issue a penalty ', the four-time champion said in a conciliatory manner.

' Daniel had no room to evade. He tried something, but there just wasn't enough space. I saw him at the last moment and tried to open the steering. But he was too fast for the line he was trying to take. Then we touched. You don't go along with that Intention. That's why you can't give a punishment. I don't blame him either. '

Ricciardo rejects guilt

Ricciardo himself comes to a similar assessment. He was able to understand the initial frustration of his opponent: 'I wasn't happy with the action myself. My race could have been destroyed. But I didn't even try to attack him. At the start all the vehicles are close together. There are none lots of space. I was just there. He took the top of the curve as if he hadn't even noticed me. '

In the end it didn't matter. Ricciardo was able to continue and ended up in 5th place. Vettel finished his race in the gang. The crash at Turn 7 looked a bit strange. But the driver took the blame: 'The crash was my fault. Everything was fine with the car. I took the corner at more or less the same speed as before. Then suddenly I lost the car. It was already there tricky the whole weekend, but I don't want to use the conditions or the track as an excuse'

' In the end it was my fault. I probably wanted a little too much. We have seen before that if you lose your grip, it can end badly - depending on where it happens. I had no incidents all weekend and then I spun twice in the race. I certainly can't be happy with the day, 'was the conclusion of the visibly bent pilot.


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