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Vettel starts catching up: Not clever against Alonso

Vettel starts catching up
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N after the technical defect in qualifying and an additional penalty transfer of 5 places Sebastian Vettel even before the start that the Montreal podium is out of reach this year. In the end, however, the four-time champion made the most of his poor starting position. More than 5th place was not possible from 18th place on the grid.

On the way forward, the German was helped by a few uncompromising overtaking maneuvers, but also by a good strategy. 'The two-stop tactic was planned beforehand. We brought the first tire change a little earlier. That worked out well,' was the conclusion. Although 4 seconds were lost at the stop on the seventh lap due to a problem at the rear left, Vettel was able to make up ground quickly.

'The car in the race was great. As soon as I got out of traffic, I was able to speed Drive laps, 'said Vettel happily. Only part of the plan didn't quite work out. 'I would have liked to make up positions at the start, but there was simply no gap.'

Tough fight against Alonso and Hülkenberg

Due to the good pace, the Ferrari repeatedly ran into competitors on. Vettel made short work of most of them. Ironically, it took a little longer for ex-Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso. 'In retrospect, I have to say that I wasn't that clever. Fernando didn't give in an inch. On the first try I tried to get past. He defended himself. It got very close. We also touched slightly. In the second attempt I did better. '

Vettel had to survive the second hairy situation in a duel with Nico Hülkenberg. There was an attack in the finish chicane. 'I was on the outside, braked late but still got the corner. I was clearly ahead, then suddenly he released the brakes. So I shortened the second part of the chicane to be on the safe side. He was just too fast, that's why he did also turned. '

Ferrari on the right path

Vettel would have liked to know whether he would be with one normal starting position which Mercedes could have put under pressure. 'Unfortunately, we'll never find out. But we didn't expect any miracles with the update either. In some races we're closer, in others farther away. You're not idiots. You're making progress too. So we have to make greater progress, if we want to catch up.But we are on the right track. '


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