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Vettel on duel with Mercedes: & # 34; Bite all year & # 34;

Vettel on duel with Mercedes
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S ebastian Vettel drew a positive conclusion to the season even before the last race . Especially at the beginning of the year, the newcomer had a lot to celebrate. 'First the third place in the debut in Australia. And then the victory in Malaysia. When I heard the German and Italian anthems on the podium, that was a moment that I will certainly not forget', the German describes his season highlight /p>

Overall, he won three races in 2016. This made Ferrari the second force in the world championship. And the trend is pointing in the right direction. 'If there was a chance to win races, then we used it. That speaks for our team,' Vettel praises his team.

But the Heppenheimer is not entirely satisfied. As a four-time world champion, the goals are higher. But main rival Mercedes was too often out of reach recently. 'It is not our aim to get to the track and know that you are still too far away to fight at the very front,' admits Vettel with a contrite expression.

Ferrari has to take two steps to catch up with Mercedes

For 2016, team boss Maurizio Arrivabene has targeted a change of power. Vettel tries to hold the ball a little flatter. 'I don't venture a prognosis. It will be very difficult. The gap is there. We bit it all year and tried to narrow the gap. I think we succeeded too. Better than everyone else.'

'Of course we know that Mercedes will also improve in the coming year. So it is not enough to make up the current deficit. We have to go a little further. Whether it is enough will be seen at the beginning of next year at the latest.' According to Vettel, you won't see a major revolution in the 2016 car. 'The regulations have not changed dramatically. Therefore, technically it will be more of an evolution of the current model.'

Nevertheless, the 28-year-old has great hopes for his engineers. 'In the season it is not so easy to take huge steps. In winter it is more possible to get more out of it. This is our chance. We want to keep the trend and take bigger steps than the others.'

Does Mercedes only play with Ferrari?

Vettel points out that Ferrari has been in a state of upheaval in the past two years. Much has been restructured in terms of personnel. A new one came with ArrivabeneTeam manager and with James Allison a new technical manager. Everything is slowly settling in. 'The development for next year has been much quieter. Everyone knows who the boss is. The team is in a good mood. The atmosphere is very positive. Long hours in the factory in Maranello are the order of the day,' said the pilot, praising the attitude .

Vettel does not believe that Mercedes only plays with Ferrari and keeps the distance artificially small. 'You may have stayed below your possibilities from time to time due to problems or special situations. But I don't think that there will be a lot of poker. The' love 'of the two drivers also indicates that both are ready to give everything.'


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