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Vettel not entirely satisfied: the race to catch up ends just before the podium

Vettel not entirely satisfied
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2 Fernando Alonso collected 78 World Cup points in the 2012 season - as many as no Ferrari driver before and after. Sebastian Vettel could have broken the record with a third place in Abu Dhabi. In the end, fourth place was only enough to catch up with Alonso. The Heppenheimer also has 278 points after 19 races.

'Of course I would have liked to have made it to the podium. But we just couldn't get more today as a team,' said the Heppenheimer soberly. 'I lost a lot of time at the beginning and tried to catch up until the end. The pace was good. I was able to overtake a few competitors. That was really fun.'

Vettel lets Raikkonen pass fair

But because of the deficit at the start, my teammate could not be caught. Vettel tried an alternative tactic. He kept the supersofts until the end. With that he passed 11 competitors. But he only had a brief eye on the sister car. But he did not fight the iceman. Vettel always let his stable rivals pass fairly.

'We knew even before the race that Kimi's paths would cross because we were using opposite tire strategies. It was clear that I would give him that Clear the way so that he can chase the Mercedes. Unfortunately that didn't work. But of course I didn't want to stand in his way, 'said Vettel the team player.

Ferrari's miracle season

Despite the disappointment of not being able to align against the silver competition, Vettel drew a conciliatory conclusion to the season. 'We can be satisfied. Of course, the last step to beat Mercedes will be the hardest. But considering where we were a year ago, it was a miracle season. I can't remember any team that was within one year has so improved. '

The mood at Ferrari is correspondingly good:' I see many smiling faces in our garage today. And next year we want to increase the number of smiling faces. I am very happy for joining this team and having such a debut year. Hopefully we can see many more follow. '


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