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Vettel likes Ferrari sailing ears: 'The fastest car is the most beautiful'

Vettel likes Ferrari sailing ears
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S ebastian Vettel presented himself on Happy Thursday in Barcelona. The memories of his last laps on the Grand Prix circuit in Barcelona shouldn't be so good. In the winter test drives before the season, the Ferrari was not yet competitive here. “That was Quark. The temperatures were in the basement. And nobody could really learn anything, 'waves Vettel.

It was already a little better in Australia:' I drove so many laps in the race for the first time that I could feel what the car was still missing. Then we took the right steps. ”The result is known. The four-time world champion took pole position three times in a row. “I'm not completely satisfied here and there. We still have some work ahead of us, ”ponders the pilot.

2010 in Istanbul. But Vettel waved it off: “You don't care if it happens with another team. But of course that's fine with me if they drive themselves into the cart. That was certainly right for our opponents back then. '

Vettel becomes calmer with age

Vettel himself has his hothead under control. Even compared to last year, the German appears unusually calm. The pilot himself didn't have an explanation either: “Maybe after all these years you didn't care about some things. Maybe I can overlook some of the things that excited me more in the past. ”

Vettel has not lost motivation even after 202 races. “I really enjoy driving at the moment,” said the 30-year-old on record. He could take his 50th victory in Barcelona. The fifth title beckons at the end of the season. “I'm not even thinking about that yet. There are still so many points to be awarded. At such an early point in the season it makes no sense to look at the World Cup stand. ”


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