Vettel leave Alonso's taunts cold

World Cup fight comes to a head
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S ebastian Vettel repeatedly emphasizes that he is in Concentrate on your team and yourself for the title fight. It is one of those typical racing driver sentences that could have come from a Chinese fortune cookie. But in this case it comes into play. Because Fernando Alonso's statements in India that you are fighting against Red Bull technology genius Adrian Newey and not against Vettel, the Heppenheimer can not be upset. 'We both respect each other very much and appreciate the way we interact,' said Vettel. 'Sometimes things are taken out of context. The respect is there and that is the most important thing.'

Easily vulnerable

After four wins in a row, the title is for many in the paddock -Hat trick from Vettel as sure as the Amen in church. The 25-year-old, on the other hand, is known for the fact that he is only happy when everything is really wrapped up. This attitude even helped him win the 2010 title in Abu Dhabi. That's why the double world champion doesn't want to be too happy this season either.

One example was the race in India. Vettel won confidently, but in the meantime the foreheads of those responsible at the Red Bull command post were wrinkled. Violent sparks on Vettel's car made his fans shiver. 'That wasn't a problem for us,' says Vettel. 'But you don't have to imagine it. If something like this happens, it shows how vulnerable you are. Whether you are ahead with a lot of distance or in midfield fighting for positions and not being able to score the points you hoped for. Then the picture looks completely different again. '

That is why Vettel repeats his mantra that you have to see each race individually, so often that it oozes out in the ears of some. But he is right in his argument: 'When the season comes to an end, you realize that the remaining points are all you can get. They may seem more important, but you won't get any more points than you did five races ago or ten races. That's why we're trying to approach it with the same attitude as we did ten races ago. '

Constructors' title for Red Bull possible in Abu Dhabi

If that works, Red Bull can move into Abu Dhabi already secure the design engineer title. Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has already written off the trophy. The Bulls are ahead of the Italians with 91 points.

'It would be a great success forus, 'says Vettel about the chance to win the title early, which he hadn't even thought about.' Mark and I were on the same flight on our way back from India and talked about the Constructors' Championship. Mark said it would be pretty bad for the Constructors' Championship if the plane crashed. '


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