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Vettel explains stableman's mistake: & # 34; Mark didn't deserve it & # 34;

Vettel explains errors in stables management
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M ark Webber came to Shanghai with a new short haircut. Is this the beginning of a new chapter in his career, the Australian was asked. 'No, more of a mistake by the hairdresser. When I noticed that he was cutting too short, it was already too late.'

Webber was only so relaxed when asked about his hairstyle. When the language came up about the failed stable management, the second of the GP Malaysia was monosyllabic. 'During the three-week break, a lot of thoughts went through my head, both positive and negative. But that doesn't mean that I've finished Formula 1. Like every summer, I'll talk to Dietrich Mateschitz about my future.'

Sebastian Vettel went all out for it. The world champion did not want to let the accusation sit on him that he had only made the apology for the sake of cosmetics and didn't care about the team command from the start.

'My apology was meant for the team and not for Mark. I did I misunderstood an order that I shouldn't have misunderstood. In doing so, I acted against the interests of the team. Hence the apology. Not just in front of my racing team, but the entire team in the factory. ' And the reaction to that? 'They didn't really understand what I apologized for.'

What is wrong with Multi 21?

Sebastian Vettel received the command 'Multi 21' from his race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin via radio at the crucial moment. That meant not only that the sequence with starting number 2 had to be followed before starting number 1, but that Vettel and Webber should go to position '21' on their multifunction switch on the steering wheel. As with the opposite command 'Multi 12', all systems are shut down to overdrive.

When asked what could not be understood with such a simple request, Vettel replied: 'The command came only once and in a moment when I was distracted. As a driver, you still have to think about driving. ' Mark Webber questions the truthfulness of these words. So did the inquisitors of the English press. 'You can believe me or not, but it was like that,' assured Vettel.

Even the anger of team boss Christian Horner when he complained to Vettel with the words 'Come on, this is silly, Seb', did not come in the cockpit with the starting number 1right on. 'Christian rarely speaks to me. That's why he doesn't know where the driver understands radio messages better or worse. He caught me on the straight at full speed. I heard someone was talking on the radio, but I didn't hear anything . '

Webber doesn't deserve victory

Vettel is honest enough to admit that he probably wouldn't have followed the team orders even if he had understood them perfectly. 'I would have thought about it then. Whether I would have followed them is another matter. Probably not, because Mark would not have deserved me to give up a win because of him. At that point, I was faster than him and me had two jokers in hand in terms of tires and fuel consumption. ' Rumms, that sat. Vettel responded indirectly to previous team orders that Webber had written to the wind. GP Turkey 2010, GP England 2011, GP Brazil 2012. 'Mark has already shown several times that he doesn't think about the team.'

Webber also mentioned old incidents, but thought of something different from Vettel. It was about the finale of the 2010 season, when he was better off than the German on points, but Vettel refused to help Webber as long as he himself had theoretical chances for the title.

Is there a war now at Red Bull? 'I wouldn't call it that,' evades Vettel: 'I have a lot of respect for Mark as a racing driver. In private, rather not. We're not friends, there is no trust, but we still have a professional relationship. To the team to damage, a gap should form, and I don't see it. '

Vettel only had the victory in mind

Vettel didn't think about the seven World Championship points in the final laps of the GP Malaysia that could possibly help him to his fourth World Championship title. 'You don't think about points or the World Championship so early in the season. Not even that Alonso had already retired. It hits each of us once in the season. I'm a racing driver and just want to win. At that moment I had.' the victory more in sight than the interests of the team. '

Vettel can get over a possible loss of image:' You can't please everyone. ' Many observers interpret the incident to mean that Vettel is now the boss in the ring and not Christian Horner or Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko. 'It might look like this from the outside,' says Vettel, 'but that's rubbish. It was unfortunate circumstances that led to it. Christian is the boss in the team.'

No more stable orders Red Bull

After the breakdown in Malaysia, stable management is now taboo at Red Bull. The great boss Dietrich Mateschitz has spoken a word of power from his Alm. Allegedly, team consultant Helmut Marko should even take a break. After some hesitation, Webber said, 'Ours doesLife as a driver is easier. '

Vettel is of the same opinion. But he could be wrong. In the future, in the heat of the battle, one of them could put a bike in the other.' Mark has never made it easy for me. That's why nothing will change, 'waves Vettel.

Maybe it does. If Red Bull gets caught up in a senseless team duel in a similar situation, the drivers also sacrifice the running time of their engines and power transmissions. What Vettel wasted in the fight against Webber or vice versa, one or the other could urgently need a race later against Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton.

In our picture gallery we show you again the negative highlights of the disturbed relationship between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.


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