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Vettel-Dreher without consequences: Cold asphalt and old tires

Vettel-Dreher without consequences
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A ls kicked off the third day of testing in Barcelona, ​​we were anyway already all eyes on Sebastian Vettel. After all, the Heppenheimer was on the road with the new Ferrari in Barcelona for the first time on Saturday (21.2.2015). But then the newcomer to the team suddenly got more attention than he wanted. On his installation lap, he slipped into the gravel after just 5 turns.

'I was maybe a bit overslept', the four-time champion took the situation easily. 'It was very cold and I had old tires on it. I wanted to see how smooth it was and then I misjudged myself a bit. In no time I was upside down in the gravel bed. I helped the team a little to get the gravel out of the car After that I was awake. '

Ferrari runs without problems

Fortunately for Vettel, the car was not damaged. After a short cleaning it went on. In total, the German came to 105 laps. Vettel did not go chasing the best times, which explains 5th place in the classification. 'The conditions were pretty difficult for everyone to find consistency. It was pretty cold, the sun didn't come out. That makes a big difference,' said Vettel.

'We were able to do a lot of laps and have continued to work on the reliability. The car ran more or less without any problems. We are doing our homework. It is important that we solve the problems before the first race weekend in Melbourne. '

During the competition warns of the strength of Ferrari, Vettel holds the ball flat. 'The car still feels good. Of course it's hard to say where you are. We keep our feet on the ground. So far, it looks pretty good. Of course, I can't compare the car with the predecessor. But all of them others in the team, including Kimi, are reasonably satisfied. '

Vettel feels comfortable at Ferrari

Vettel may not think of his first Ferrari win yet. 'A win in the first year would of course be nice. But we have to look from step to step. Tomorrow is the next day. There is still a long way to go. It is clear that we have to beat Mercedes again.'

Vettel has not regretted the move to Ferrari. He almost feels at home in Maranello. 'I have settled in very well. People came to meet me with open arms. That made it very easy for me. Unfortunately, my Italian is not that good yet. UnderstandingAlready works relatively well, but speaking freely is still relatively difficult. I still have to work on that. But I still have a little time. '

The biggest annoyance came from the Formula 1 Commission last week. Those responsible decided to ban changing helmet designs.' I wanted to do a little less this year anyway . But in these difficult times it seems to be the only thing that can be agreed on, 'scoffed the pilot. It is still unclear whether he will obey the ban.' I don't know the penalty yet. If it's just a small charity fine, I'll be happy to keep changing my helmet designs. '


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