Vettel draws level with Senna

Vettel draws level with Senna
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D the minimum target has been met. Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene demanded two victories from his drivers and the team before the start of the season. In Malaysia it worked with the first in the second race. Which made expectations skyrocket. But instead of further successes, a series of seven races without a win followed. Which aroused more and more criticism. At the Hungarian GP, ​​Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel gave the answer with a safe triumph.

Vettel only gives up the lead once

The four-time champion laid the foundation stone at the start. On the way to the first corner, he slowed down the Mercedes-Benz dual leaders Hamilton-Rosberg. In the following 69 laps, the Heppenheimer only gave up the lead once. On the 22nd lap due to an earlier pit stop than Kimi Räikkönen, who had been second to date.

From the front, the two Ferraris didn’t miss anything. 'If you are in front, you can drive your own race. You do not hang in the turbulent air and can dictate the pace,' explained Vettel. Little by little, the red racers moved away from Rosberg's field of vision. Hamilton had already robbed himself of any chance of victory with an over-eager maneuver on the first lap.

Mercedes no danger

After 17 laps, Vettel buttoned the first Silver Arrow 9.9 seconds. Rosberg could only go the Ferrari pace from the 39th lap. Only the safety car, which was sent out on the track because of the Hülkenberg accident, brought the Mercedes driver back within striking distance. 'Until then it looked like a simple one-two,' said Vettel. But then the MGU-K got out at Raikkonen, which made the Finn, who later finally left, easy prey for Rosberg at the restart. 'Kimi did an incredible job at the start,' Vettel praised his team-mate. 'Unfortunately, he has lost power, and if something like this happens slowly, the systems start to spin at some point.'

But Vettel had no problems with Rosberg in the cross either. After Rosberg got into the enclosure with Daniel Ricciardo, the cushion on Daniil Kvyat's back was large. So Vettel drove towards his first victory in Hungary. And his 41st career success.

Vettel commemorates Bianchi

The legendary Ayrton Senna managed as many . 'To catch up with Senna is very special. I can do itnot put into words. 'In contrast to his idol Michael Schumacher, who overcame emotions in Monza 2000 after he had caught up with Senna, Vettel kept his composure.

Vettel dedicated his first place to the recently deceased Jules Bianchi: 'Today's victory belongs to Jules and his family.' Then the Ferrari driver gives an insight into his mind. 'It was a week with incredible up and downs. Commemorating Jules on the grid was very emotional for all of us. Although we are different people as racing drivers, we all share the same passion. When you put on the helmet, you really only focus on the race. I couldn't get Jules' fate out of my head, even though I was very busy in the cockpit. '


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