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Vettel dominance: Rosberg annoyed, Hamilton indifferent

Vettel dominance
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S ebastian Vettel is meanwhile more and more the red flag for his competition. The Red Bull driver grabs pole positions and wins at will. For the other F1 drivers, he leaves little statistically usable success. The fourth title in a row is almost certain again. The frustration slowly rises at the top of the paddock.

Rosberg wants to beat Vettel

Vettel is constantly driving the two Mercedes around in front of their noses. In Korea only a good two tenths were missing from pole position, but you never had the feeling that the Silver Arrows could seriously endanger the world champion. The Red Bull is also in a class of its own when it comes to long run pace and tire wear.

Nico Rosberg makes no secret of his feelings: 'On the one hand, of course, I have respect for his successes. He's really great Performed well in recent races. On the other hand, it's also annoying. I want to beat him and land in front of him. Unfortunately, that has been quite difficult lately. '

Hamilton is very relaxed

Team-mate Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, is rather indifferent to the regular defeats against the permanent world champion. 'I'm neither frustrated nor annoyed. I'm relaxed,' said the Briton during the press lap with both Mercedes drivers. For Rosberg this statement came as a bit of a surprise. 'So you are happy to be second?', Asked the elected Monegasse in astonishment.

Hamilton's answer was clear: 'Yes, considering that her car is so much faster than ours and she already did the whole thing I have come to a new team that used to be less competitive. And now we're fighting at the top. And we keep improving. You never saw that before. But this year we're in the top -Form. That's why I'm happy to be second. '


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