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Vettel continues to hope for victories: Do not give up title goal for 2017

Vettel continues to hope for victories
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B e Ferrari is once again a lot of pressure on the boiler. Before the season, CEO Sergio Marchionne demanded that Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen should fight for the title until the end. At least the yield of 3 wins from the previous year should be improved.

But 3 races to go, the team from Maranello are still without a win. None of the drivers have been on the podium since the home game in Monza. Vettel's trophy for third place in Monza was the only one in the last 10 races. So it's no wonder that the criticism in their own country has intensified again in the last few days.

Vettel asks for patience with Ferrari

Before the GP Mexico, Vettel tried some pressure from To take Kessel: “It is correct that we did not get the results we had hoped for this year. But many things at the factory have improved since I came. Unfortunately, in Formula 1, this cannot be converted into better results with a single click of the mouse. ”

Vettel, too, is not indifferent to the bankruptcies in recent races. “We have set ourselves very high goals, which is why we are disappointed ourselves. It is clear that we have to improve. But we have to give ourselves a little more time. Coordinating the work of 1,300 people is not that easy. But things are slowly coming together. At Red Bull and Mercedes it took some time to achieve success. ”

Next goals: Mexico podium, 2017 title

Leading the missing podium places in the last races Vettel back on bad luck and fluctuating shape curve. In Mexico, the German hopes to finally be there again for the champagne shower. “We are definitely not the favorites. But we always have a chance. Last year the pace wasn't too bad here. Unfortunately, I finished the race in the gang. ”

Ferrari is already looking to the coming season with one eye. According to Vettel, the defeats this year have no impact on the 2017 target. As before, only the title counts: “We're not here to finish second. That's why we shouldn't start baking smaller rolls now, but keep the bar high. With the rule changes, everything is included. There may be a surprise here or there. Of course we hope that we're ahead of the game. ”


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