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Vettel competition demoralized: why was Vettel so fast in Singapore?

Vettel competitor demoralized
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N iki Lauda took off his cap again. He does that more often, but this time the bow was particularly low. 'Sebastian comes back from the first lap with a lead of 1.5 seconds. That is simply unbelievable. I've never seen such perfection. If he wants, he can drive away everyone else between one and two seconds.'

Ex-driver Martin Brundle also applauded: 'Vettel is exactly in the comfort zone in which everything works. His laps are perfect. The line, the use of gas, the braking points. Virtually zero errors. Everything flows together . He puts his car where it needs to go. It is his personal drama that this achievement is belittled. Everyone says the Red Bull drives the times. But Webber also sits in a Red Bull. And Mark is a good one Racing driver. '

One is lightness, the other struggle

Sebastian Vettel's renunciation of one second training attempt diluted the superiority a bit. Nico Rosberg's deficit of 0.091 seconds in qualifying doesn't look all that dramatic.

On the other hand, the advantage on Rosberg in the phase after the safety car phase, when Vettel was serious because he had to pull out a lead on Fernando Alonso, did not correspond to 2.5 seconds. Rosberg drove with the handicap that rubber lumps had pasted up the front wing slits. That cost over a second per lap. Nevertheless, the differences between Vettel and Rosberg were recognizable just by looking.

Brundle once again: 'Vettel drove like on rails. Rosberg heaves his car around the course. One is lightness, the other fight. Vettel does not have to go over the curbs. He stays away from the walls. He gives out Carefully accelerate out of the corners. The others are everywhere at their limit. On the curbs, on the wall, on the accelerator. ' For many, the question arises: How much is Red Bull, how much Vettel? As always, the truth lies in the middle.

Webber loses when it gets difficult

Let's take that Training. Mark Webber was equally quick on the hard tires, if not faster. On the soft he lost more than half a second. What is the explanation for this? Webber couldn't or wouldn't give it. Maybe because he should have admitted that Vettel made the differencehas made out.

The Red Bull RB9 was clearly the fastest car on the Marina Bay Circuit. Vettel and Webber benefited equally from this on the non-critical medium tires. The supersoft soles, on the other hand, are tricky. You have to warm them up to the point and bring them over the lap with your fingertips so that the front tires bite immediately, but the rear tires survive the long lap without overheating in the last six corners.

Vettel can do that better than Webber. The split times give it away. The Australian lost most of his time in the last sector. Vettel thinks more about the matter. He therefore uses the grip advantage of the soft tires better than his team-mate.

Red Bull wins time everywhere

The teams can analyze everything today. Via GPS measurements, you know exactly where the car is and when. Your own and that of your opponent. Red Bull wins time everywhere. At the corner entrance, because the car turns more willingly. At the apex, because the rear sticks better to the road. At the exit of a curve, because the rear wheels spin less. This also protects the tires.

Not everything is aerodynamics. 'At speeds below 120 km /h, the mechanics play an equally important role,' explains Sauber chief engineer Tom McCullough. Red Bull has the knack of getting the tires into their work window quickly. Nobody realizes the puzzle of camber, toe-in, spring deflection, roll stiffness and air pressure as brilliantly as Adrian Newey. Red Bull's technology guru is not just an aerodynamic genius.

What does Renault do with the engine?

Three factors count when exiting a curve. Downforce, mechanical grip and a smooth torque curve. Red Bull gets the downforce at slow speeds through the exhaust. There are voices that the exhaust is already contributing as much contact pressure as it was in 2011 when it was still flowing into the ground and the engine was allowed to produce exhaust gases even when towing.

This is due to the positioning of the tailpipes, their diameter, the way from there to the diffuser gap. But it is also due to how much exhaust gases are produced in the phase between zero and 50 percent of the accelerator pedal position. Renault apparently found the great trick. Exclusively for Red Bull. Lotus, Williams and Caterham run other programs.

Red Bull mode wouldn't be of much use to them either, because the environment is different. The opponents have been puzzling for some time what exactly Renault is doing with its engine in the critical phases. No other car accompanies so many misfires through the slow corners. Under certain circumstances the engine is allowed to reignite on four cylinders. Red Bull takes advantage of that.

Vettel makes his own fortune

And now Vettel comes back into play. He understandsInterrelationships and uses the advantages of the technology by adapting his line, his use of the accelerator pedal and his shift points. Brundle is annoyed that Vettel is always accused of being lucky. 'It's the luck of the efficient. Why does it clog the front wing at Rosberg? Because he drives behind Vettel and his Mercedes is pelted with lumps of rubber. Vettel does not have the problem at the top.'

'Why does Webber work The radiator or the gearbox broken? Because he's stuck in traffic and his opponents force him to drive, or he picks up parts that the man in front of him loses. Sebastian's art is to get the best out of bad situations. He wins the start, although Rosberg gets off better. I only see one who drives at this high level. And that is Alonso. '

Vettel emphasizes hard work behind the success

Even Vettel himself is apparently slowly getting tired of the talk. The good performance is only thanks to the hard work of his team: 'When the others go home and hang their eggs in the pool, then we're still there and tinker with the car. We see something like that over the weekend and do that Year saw the difference, 'said the Singapore winner with rare directness.


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