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Verdict after the Singapore race: 6 weeks in prison for speedsters

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Judgment after the Singapore race
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R ichter Yuan Fatt was gracious: the maximum penalty for unauthorized access to the route lasted 6 months. The Singapore Prosecutor had asked for 12 weeks in prison. In the end it was 'only' 6 weeks for the 'negligent endangerment of pilots', as the local broadcaster 'Channel News Asia' reports on its website.

Singapore speedster has to go to jail for 6 weeks

Accordingly, in the court hearing on Tuesday (November 3rd, 2015) the Singapore runabout was relieved of the fact that he was under the influence of a malaria vaccination, the side effects of which, according to scientists, can also influence the risk assessment. The trained electrician had actually planned to travel to Vietnam a few days after the race.

But nothing came of that. Immediately after the spectacular performance on September 20, he was briefly taken into security custody. The man was not allowed to leave the country until his trial. Because a prison sentence was considered certain, he had already voluntarily gone to prison on October 16.

Cell phone video shows speedster in Action

The first reports from the FIA ​​were confirmed during the negotiation. On a self-made mobile phone video that was played in the court, in addition to the noises of speeding cars, it was also clearly audible how he was asked to return by marshals after his breakthrough.

The accused had himself repentant and apologetic, declared his defense attorney. It was not his intention to disrupt the event. The British lawyer spoke of a 'childish adventure'.

The judge saw it a little differently. In his verdict, he emphasized that the defendant broke through the cordon with determination. He not only endangered himself, but also the pilots. The action was not only negligent, but also selfish and stupid.


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