Update fireworks at the Belgian GP

Update fireworks at the Belgian GP
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A ls the Mercedes mechanics on the Thursday before the race When the new rear wing was installed for the first time in Spa-Francorchamps, observers could hardly believe their eyes. The tail stabilizer presented itself in the center bent like a hammock. Such an unusual shape had not been seen in Formula 1 for years.

The update was viewed with skepticism and ridicule on social networks. 'Were the engineers drunk?', 'Did an elephant sit on it?' or 'Has the wing been too long in the sun?' were the friendlier comments. But in the end it was the engineers who laughed last. The wing worked. Mercedes drove home a double victory.

Mercedes wing will be adapted to the track

Mercedes chief engineer Andrew Shovlin explains why a special aerodynamics package is needed at the Belgian GP: 'For Spa you need a very efficient wing. You try to get as much downforce as possible, but at the same time minimize drag because of the very long straights. This shape looks very efficient, so we tested it in the CFD simulation. Then we try it Design in the next step in the wind tunnel. '

' Then the fine-tuning is on the program. We have to make sure that we can change the downforce level on the racetrack in small steps. We know how fast we are can drive, but only when it is clear how fast Red Bull and Ferrari are do we adapt to whether we want to be faster on the straights or in the corners. '

'The shape of the wing has to match the airflow that hits it. The most important question, however, is how much downforce and how much drag it produces. In sector 2, the drivers want as much grip as possible. There are almost as many curves there as anywhere else on the whole track. Sector 1 and 3 are all about high top speeds. You can't use more downforce. '

' In Monza, the wing becomes even flatter. Spa and Monza are the only tracks where you have to adapt if you don't want to lose performance. We'll go back to the big wings for the rest of the season. '

Ferrari is upgrading to old technology

Ferrari also underwent major renovations during the summer break. However, the Italians backed up on many points. TheSide boxes with bow wings again corresponded to the state in front of Barcelona. The fins on the rear wheel carriers were last seen in Spielberg. But there was also something new about the red car. A special low-downforce front wing showed a new, radical design.

In our large technology gallery from Spa we have new and old versions in direct comparison as usual. You can see immediately the details in which the engineers have further developed their cars.


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