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Unfair money distribution in Formula 1: EU complaint withdrawn

Unfair money distribution in Formula 1
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D he dispute about money has been smoldering since 2015. After When the then F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone had rigorously ironed out all demands for a more equitable distribution of income, Force India and Sauber decided to go to Brussels. They submitted an official complaint to the EU Commission.

The EU's competition watchdogs should therefore investigate whether the uneven distribution, in which the large teams are disproportionately favored, is in accordance with the law. And whether some participants in the premier class are unfairly disadvantaged as a result, which - so the arguments of the small teams - would put jobs at risk.

Litigation over income ended

But before the officials one To make a decision and to pronounce penalties, Force India and Sauber surprisingly backed down. The two teams with the smallest budgets in Formula 1 published a joint statement shortly before the start of the new season, after which they officially withdrew their complaint.

“The discussions with the new F1 management about managing directors Chase Carey gave us new hope. Your approach has brought a new culture of transparency into sport and shows the willingness to discuss fundamental issues such as the distribution of prize money, cost control and the engine regulations ”, says the press release.

“The just and fair attitude that we received in the negotiations with the new F1 management about the problems of all teams encouraged us to take this step. While we continue to believe that our concerns that led to the complaint were fully justified, we now believe that the new approach gives us the confidence that our concerns will be factually investigated. We prefer to clarify the problems of our sport through joint discussions and not through a legal dispute. ”

Hope for a new Concorde agreement

How promising the hope for a fairer distribution of money are , will be revealed by 2021 at the latest when the new Concorde Agreement comes into force. The agreement regulates the distribution of the rights holders' income to the teams. It is unlikely that it was solely the open discussions that led to the withdrawal. Because the F1 leadership has recently been under increased pressuremany experts suspect that the bosses helped with a little financial aid to get the subject off the table before the discussions about a cost cap.


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