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U-turn in the engine regulations: 5 instead of 4 engines per driver

Formula 1 engine regulations 2015
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T he teams have known it for a long time. 5 engines per driver in the first season of the hybrid formula, only 4 from the second. That should save costs. The bill for the Mercedes teams was reduced by one million euros. A sensible step at first glance. On the second, the engine reduction brought a number of problems that the rulers hadn't thought of before.

Return to 5 F1 engines for 2015

For example that the new power sources are still not fully developed. Red Bull and McLaren have each lost one engine from the contingent. After one of 19 races. Fearing that the engines won't make the calculated 4,000 kilometers, the teams save kilometers in Friday practice. To the detriment of the audience. On the first day of training in Malaysia, the 20 cars turned a total of 772 laps. Only makes 38.6 laps per driver in three hours of training.

The teams in the strategy group and Bernie Ecclestone agreed at a meeting in Malaysia to increase the number of engines back to 5 kits. To do this, however, some conditions must be met. If all teams agree, the rule can be changed overnight.

Teams have to agree on a minimum number of rounds

And what are these conditions? Mercedes supervisory board Niki Lauda demands: 'This regulation only makes sense if it is also ensured that more is driven. Otherwise the costs will only increase without the viewers having any benefit.'

Therefore was talked about a minimum number of rounds on Friday. It will definitely be more expensive for the customer teams. In the case of Mercedes, Williams, Force India and Lotus will have to pay around 750,000 euros more.

A voice in the driver camp threw in another idea: 'Why not limit the two Friday units to just one hour each? the training is better filled because it's difficult to force the teams to drive a certain number of laps. '

The voice was right. After consulting the FIA, it became clear that the teams could not be forced to a minimum number of laps. But there was an adjustment on the other side: Because four instead of five engines are to be used throughout the season, the use of development tokens will change. Manufacturers must from the fourthEngine have missed all new specifications.


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