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Two ways to the budget cap: Ferrari suddenly for budget cap

Two ways to the budget cap in Formula 1
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D ie enforcement of a cost cap has long been considered an impossibility. Any influence on the business plan was a thorn in the side of the big teams. Nobody wanted to give up anything of their advantage. They entrenched themselves behind the argument that an upper cost limit was not controllable and that you couldn't put between 200 and 500 people on the street overnight. Liberty Media's efforts to get the teams on a fairer footing only got off the ground when Red Buil sided with the reformers. This drove a wedge between the top teams.

The fight for a fairer Formula 1 took a second turn in the week before the Austrian GP. Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne, FIA President Jean Todt and Liberty boss Chase Carey met at a secret location for a briefing. They parted on good terms, they say. Liberty had Ferrari on board as the most important part. Marchionne stayed away from the strategy group meeting on July 4th in London. His emissaries remained silent. Everything was said beforehand.

Which costs are deducted?

The fact that FIA and Liberty bit granite in the engine dispute with the manufacturers is because Ferrari has absolutely none in this question Position. The Italians can live with and without the MGU-H. Quite different with the budget cap. The supposedly greatest opponent of financial control is apparently in agreement with Liberty's plans. One can only speculate about the reasons for this change of heart. It may have something to do with the fact that the climate of the former allies Ferrari and Mercedes has cooled noticeably since the battery dispute. Ferrari is now doing its own thing.

FIA, Liberty Media and the teams are therefore on the right track when it comes to capping the budget. However, the original plan is a bit watered down. The cost brake will not come in 2021 with the desired upper limit of 150 million dollars, but only in 2023. For some teams it could come too late. Force India, Williams and McLaren are desperately waiting for the rules to pass them a through ball.

It is still being discussed in which steps the budget should be reduced to the ultimate goal. The big teams want a reduction in three stages: 200 million in 2021, then 175 for 2022 and finally 150 million. Thesmall teams propose a tightened version: 170-160-150 million. It is also not yet clear which costs should be integrated into the budget cap. According to current plans, driver salaries, marketing and operating costs are not included. 'The driver's berths are one of the biggest cost drivers,' warns Red Bull boss Helmut Marko.


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