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Twitter faux pas: Button disappointed with Hamilton

Twitter faux pas
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L ewis Hamilton has no friends with his Twitter activities in Spa made at McLaren. Via the short message service, the 2008 world champion let his frustration with the lost qualifying duel against Jenson Button run free in 140 characters.

On Saturday, Hamilton first publicly railed about the wrong choice of the rear wing, which in his opinion gave him all chances had deprived of a good result: 'Damn it. Jenson has the new rear wing on it. I have the old one. We decided to switch, but that didn't work. I lost four tenths on the straight line alone. I couldn't do anything do. '

A few minutes after the publication, the Twitter message was gone. The team denied having ordered the tweet deleted. 'I reformulated something,' said Hamilton afterwards, a little hesitantly.

Hamilton tweeted telemetry printout

On Sunday, the McLaren driver did one more step. In the morning a short message went on the air, to which Hamilton had attached a picture of the telemetry. A direct comparison of the qualifying laps of the two McLaren drivers could be seen - many different data in the so-called 'overlay'. 'Here you can see what I wanted to explain to you yesterday,' added the sender of the message.

Coincidentally, a few days earlier, McLaren had explained to fans on its website how telemetry data is read and interpreted and what values ​​are hide behind the different lines. The engineers of the competition didn’t need this tutoring and enjoyed the unexpected exchange of information.

Telemetry data very valuable for competition

As the McLaren team leaders wind of the publication received the secret data, Hamilton was immediately instructed to delete the 140 character message and the attached picture. But by then it was already too late. Fans had long since downloaded the file and distributed it.

The team management then reacted angrily about the embarrassing mistake. 'I think he wasn't really aware of the consequences. That's why we asked him to delete the tweet,' said team boss Martin Whitmarsh. 'He saw his mistake.' The faux pas should not have any further consequences for the pilot.

But how interesting are the data really for the competition? Red Bull team principal Christian Hornerbelieves they could be useful: 'I haven't seen it in detail. But as I understand it, it's data about the car. If so, it's very valuable. I'm sure that that every engineer will take a closer look at. Something like this would be inconceivable with our drivers. That would be a breach of trust. '

Button' surprised and disappointed '

Like the British' Guardian 'on Tuesday (4.9.) Wrote, Jenson Button should also have been angry about the behavior of his teammate. 'We're working so hard to improve the car and keep things like that a secret. I don't want to see something like that on Twitter. That was all the telemetry from qualifying. Not just the rear wing. I was very surprised and disappointed,' he quoted Sheet the spa winner.

Button continues: 'The part about the times on the straights is not the decisive factor for me. It should actually make up for the lost time in the corners because it has more downforce. And I was eight tenths faster anyway. ' From the team it was heard that Hamilton should have been closer to Button even with the 'wrong' wing. Apparently the pilot didn't want to see that.


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