Turbo damage slows HaasF1

Stefan Baldauf
Turbo damage slows down HaasF1
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E steban Gutierrez was up for Tuesday after a problematic Monday many rounds desired. But the Mexican was disappointed. He came back to the pits one lap. The US Ferrari spent the rest of the day in the garage. Turbocharger damage paralyzed the team. HaasF1 has finally arrived in the premier class. A good day is often followed by a bad one. Or two.

The genesis of the turbo drama: HaasF1 got fresh engines overnight. 'When we drove out, we found an anomaly on the turbocharger,' says team boss Guenther Steiner. After a detailed analysis, the Ferrari technicians decided to replace the turbocharger.

But this is no longer as easy as it was 30 years ago. 'It takes hours to analyze the damage. More hours to expand the turbo and another hours to put everything back together again.' At 7 p.m. the work was still not finished. 'We want to start the engine in 2 hours', Steiner hoped.

Gutierrez hopes for laps on Friday

Otherwise the South Tyrolean didn't want to make any more plans. After losing 2 days of testing, the US team has to rearrange its marching plan. 'We are now planning from hour to hour. If things go well tomorrow, we will make a new program for Friday.' Steiner hopes that this will put an end to the bad news. 'We still have to create a racing simulation. This is the only way we can learn whether there are other problems hidden in the car.'

It is quite possible that Esteban Gutierrez will get to drive again despite the original roster Romain Grosjean planned to spend the last 2 days in the cockpit. Steiner added: 'If Romain has a problem-free day tomorrow, we'll think about giving Esteban another chance to do a few laps on Friday.'

The defects that were within Ferrari's sphere of influence , have not dampened the high expectations of the Americans. 'We want to do respectable in Melbourne now, too,' Steiner explains.


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