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Trouble at Ferrari: Massa defies stable management

Trouble at Ferrari
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F elipe Massa knows the game. It was premiered in Hockenheim in 2010. Already three years ago, the Brazilian Fernando Alonso had to let by on team orders. At that time, Massa only obeyed after the third request. After that, the pecking order in the team was clearly regulated. Whenever Alonso roared from behind, Massa had to make way.

Commands were only needed in exceptional cases. They were then: 'Alonso is faster than you.' Since Red Bull demonstrated at the Malaysian GP how the instructions hated by the fans are coded, Ferrari has also modified its commands. What Red Bull means 'Multi 21' or 'Multi 12' is the command in Italian: 'Multifunction strategy A'. Massa didn't want to comment on the meaning of the radio message. However, under strategy A one can understand that the A driver has right of way. So Alonso.

Massa ignored the radio messages

On further inquiries, Massa did not mince words. Did the team want you to swap positions? 'Yes, there was an instruction.' Did you make room immediately? 'No, the instruction came much earlier.' What do you make of it? 'I wasn't happy with it because I wanted to drive my own race.' Did you let Alonso pass voluntarily? 'Fernando passed me on the track.' Why did you withdraw when it was halfway over later? 'Because otherwise there would have been a crash. Fernando was on the better line.'

It is difficult to prove whether Alonso's overtaking maneuver on lap 20 was a real one or one that Massa made easy for him. The fact is that Nico Hulkenberg and both Ferrari were stuck behind the Toro Rosso. Massa got out of the chicane badly, and Alonso struck with his killer instinct.

Massa in the pit entrance too fast

Ferrari did not mention the incident in its press release. Race director Stefano Domenicali commented on this at the team press conference. 'Our focus was not on putting Alonso in front of Massa, but on maximizing the result. That is important because we are fighting for second place against Mercedes and Lotus. Every point counts.'

From the point of view of Ferrari was able to understand the stable management. Alonso was more careful with his tires and was faster than Massa in the second half of his stints. Domenicali showed understanding for the disobedience of his number two: 'I understand Felipe's feelings. He wants to deal with his services forput other teams in the shop window. We will also support him as best we can. But team interests had priority here. '

Massa started another race to catch up after his drive-through penalty. The Brazilian exceeded the speed limit in the pit lane.' It was damn smooth where the speed limit begins. I didn't take that into account. It was my fault, and I paid for it. I had to do a long stint on the last set of tires. So I had no chance against Button and Rosberg. '


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