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Tricky fan models: cooling unit or espionage defense?

Tricky fan constructions
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E s is actually just a small farce, but it shows a lot vividly how paranoid Formula 1 has become. Since it became known that the onboard cameras start sending the recordings as soon as the cars are started, the teams have tried different means to protect themselves against unwanted insights.

There is a particular danger in the training sessions that the so-called 'Onboard Camera Unit' (OCU) on the airbox is filming directly in the cockpit while the pilot is looking at sensitive telemetry data or making settings on the steering wheel that the competition shouldn't notice.

ters consists in cooling the airbox and the units behind it. But I'll look at it again. We have to be fair. Everyone plays their games. The subject is not right at the top of my list. ”

Fan variants in the picture gallery

If Ferrari should actually be targeted by the FIA ​​again because of the fan, then they have to Rulers but also in the garages of the competition. We checked all the teams on the race weekend in Singapore and found that Ferrari is not the only team that actively counteracts espionage.

In the gallery we clearly show you which other teams with huge fans do that Block the camera image, which teams use compact cooling units and which team completely dispensed with a fan even at temperatures of 30 ° C in Singapore.


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