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Tricks when blowing on the rear wing: New exhaust rule against blowing

Tricks when blowing the rear wing
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D he aerodynamicists reach for every straw. Even if he only brings three to four points downforce. And costs a few kilojoules of energy from the battery. Since Formula 1 has been running with hybrid drive, blowing aerodynamic parts through the exhaust jet was no longer an issue.

The regulations require a tailpipe, which must also be attached at least 25 centimeters below the rear wing. To do this, the tailpipe may be angled by a maximum of 5 degrees. Actually much too far away to create an effect, one would think.

nce you're driving. ”Red Bull would probably benefit less. The car already has excellent traction and braking stability.

Mercedes strictly keeps its hands off blowing. In the camp of the Silver Arrows it is assumed that this technology is illegal or at least contradicts the spirit of the regulations. Before the teams come up with even more extreme things to blow on the rear wing, the FIA ​​wants to end the ghost.

“If the electric turbine is used for this, we can't do anything. That's legal, ”an FIA man explains. For the 2019 season, however, the association is using a simple means. It will lengthen the tailpipes so that the exhaust blows its gases outside and no longer under the wing.


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