Training GP Italy: McLaren is a laughing third
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B ei McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh must be in the last Days when looking on the Internet the hair on the back of the neck stood up. First his pilots Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton quarrel on Twitter, then Hamilton publishes confidential telemetry data via the short message service. The fact that Whitmarsh did not have a heart attack on Wednesday evening when Eddie Jordan spread the rumor that Hamilton was switching to Mercedes is probably only due to his calm disposition.

McLaren with longer translation

The mini sense of achievement on Friday came at just the right time. In the second training session, Hamilton and Button showed the competition with first and second places where the hammer is. Well, she tripped herself. After the engine failure in the morning, Alonso also had to bury the transmission a few hours later. Sebastian Vettel was once again tormented by the invisible problem-mind that he had already met at Spa.

Whitmarsh was in a good mood. That wasn't because of lunch, but because of the mechanics' work during the lunch break. They changed the gear ratio. 'We had the wrong gears this morning,' said Whitmarsh to 'We were about 500 meters on the straight in the limiter. That's why we chose a higher gear ratio. It was worth it.'

Another Twitter slaughter?

But that's not why he's euphoric. The Briton has been in business long enough to know Friday's results should be treated with caution. That also applies to Red Bull's poor performance. 'When it comes to top speed, they are in a bit of trouble,' said Whitmarsh. 'I think it takes a long time for them to change the translation. They didn't have the opportunity like we did. I may be wrong. I think they will do that tonight and be much stronger tomorrow.'


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