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Training analysis GP Spain 2018: Red Bull upgrade brings 0.5 seconds

Red Bull
Training analysis GP Spain 2018
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R ed Bull has had its World Cup opponents with a major upgrade surprised. In addition to numerous new aero parts around the side pods, the new cooling concept and better airflow below the fairing are particularly noticeable.

The design goal of more downforce with less air resistance was achieved. The Red Bulls made a leap forward at top speed and are still the fastest in the corners. Daniel Ricciardo drove on his fastest lap, just 0.133 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton, in second place. Max Verstappen dominated the long runs on the Supersoft and Soft mixes.

celona compete. The US team's upgrade will not come until the Canadian GP. The HaasF1's good shape is no surprise. The cars were already in great shape during the winter test drives.

Force India was satisfied with the first day of training. “The new parts do what they should. The drivers feel much more comfortable in the car than during the test drives, ”said Andy Green, head of technology. Force India had traveled to Spain with changes to the underbody, the diffuser, the side pods, the baffles and the suspension. In addition, the new front wing returned, which only gave a short guest appearance in Bahrain.

The Renault drivers complained about problems with the vehicle balance sheet. “Understeer, oversteer, a little bit of everything,” said Operations Manager Alan Permane. Head of Technology Bob Bell criticized: “We have to get the balance better for fast and slow corners. We're only ever good at one type of curve. ”

In the gallery we show you the pictures from Friday's training in Barcelona.


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