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Training analysis GP China: The magic five minutes

Training analysis GP China
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T he tires play the main role again after the discussion about the stable management slowly ebbed away. The morning practice didn't come as a big surprise. Mercedes in the front. Somehow that was expected. Shanghai is the special route for the Silver Arrows. The only amazing thing was the distance. Nico Rosberg took nine tenths off third-placed Mark Webber. Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko jokingly asked Niki Lauda: 'Were you driving 20 kilos underweight?'

Mercedes lost its supremacy on soft tires

The second training session in the afternoon then brought them Surprise. Mercedes lost its supremacy on the soft tires. Ferrari and Lotus topped the timesheets. Felipe Massa buttoned Rosberg 0.454 seconds. Mark Webber lost 0.752 seconds on the Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel twice as much. 'It looks better in the endurance run,' defied Webber. 'But on the soft tires it is practically impossible to balance the car. You slide around like in Formula Ford.'

Marko puts the landslide on the time. 'There was a five-minute window, something happened to the track. Massa, Räikkönen and Gutierrez set their super times between 2:42 pm and 2:47 pm. Anyone who was not on the road with fresh tires at the time is far away. We too . '

Hard tires require a different balance than soft ones

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn is more pragmatic. 'The soft tires require a different vehicle balance than the hard ones. Our car did well on the hard tires. As expected, the left front tire was the critical limit. On the soft tires we suddenly had problems with the rear tires. That is unusual on this track. ' Sebastian Vettel also introduced the balance problem. 'Today the worm was in. The car simply pushed away over the front wheels in the corners.' Nevertheless, the world champion is confident that the engineers will find the magic key overnight. 'It went really well with Mark.'

Massa hit the magic window

Felipe Massa left the strongest behind Impression. Even with the racing simulations. 'He hit exactly the window where the tires worked,' said Pat Fry. Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, was not satisfied. Shanghai is the most problematic route on the calendar for the Spaniard. His driving style could fall on his head here.

AlonsosAggressive turning loads the front tires more than the rear tires. Exactly the tire that is already suffering more due to the characteristics of the track. 'The problem is the two fast right-hand turns that close. They put stress on the left front tire. The slow corners have short radii. So the rear tires don't suffer as much as usual,' explains McLaren Sports Director Sam Michael.


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