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Training Analysis & amp; Long run times GP Russia 2018

Training analysis GP Russia 2018
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S o Ferrari is not world champion. As in Singapore, the red cars came to Sochi as the favorite on paper. And once again Ferrari had to realize that Mercedes is stronger than expected. The Silver Arrows took off their opponents for one lap and half a second in the long runs. On the first day of training for the Russian GP, ​​even Red Bull made a stronger impression. The third place in the World Championship surprised himself. If Red Bull can keep their form, they may have chosen the wrong route for changing the engine.

s Same drama as in Paul Ricard or Spa. You fight for the last places with Williams.

6) Are the DRS zones long enough?

Despite the extension of the DRS zones, all drivers complained that overtaking is practically impossible . That could only change if some drivers have to do the starting turn on hypersoft tires and lose so much time after five or six laps that the delta to the drivers on harder rubber compounds becomes large enough to overtake. FIA race director Charlie Whiting informed the pilots that they are currently checking whether the DRS zones can be extended again. “We would have to lay four sensor loops in the asphalt for this. This is not so easy. If something goes wrong there, mistakes will occur. ”When asked how much, Daniel Ricciardo replied:“ As much as possible. The DRS zone can't be long enough. ”Sure, he thinks that way. The Australian starts from 17th place.


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