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Toto Wolff believes in Hamilton: & # 34; 90% of the chances are with Lewis & # 34;

Toto Wolff believes in Hamilton
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T oto Wolff admits that he is currently in a Luxury position is located. Both world titles are in a bag. The only question left is which Mercedes driver is at the top of the table in the end. 'The probability says that the chances are 90 percent with Lewis. I told Nico that in the summer, when it was 74 percent on his side. That's motorsport. The math doesn't always help,' he says Austrians to consider.

Wolff expects a tough duel between Rosberg and Hamilton

The starting position is clear: 'Nico has to win. Lewis wants to prove that he is a worthy world champion. I think It's going to be a tough race. But it won't go so far as to get both into each other's car. Both have too much to lose for that, ”predicts Wolff. The tension in the team can already be felt: 'You can tell that it's about something. It's more intense. Both try to keep the noises around them. Communication is only conducted with those who are absolutely necessary for the race weekend.'

Rosberg will not go into the final without a chance. The road to the title is not easy, however. 'There would have to be a collision that he can get out of better than Lewis', Wolff analyzes the situation. 'But it is impossible to control something like that in a Formula 1 car. Even the best drivers in the world cannot plan it.'

The team boss advises his German protégé to put pressure on his British colleague to reinforce: 'Of course you have to unpack all the mind games. You have to gain an advantage and put the other under pressure. I would look at everything that has driven him into mistakes in the past.'

Mercedes allows mind games

The team leadership does not want to interfere in the fight: 'We leave them largely free. That is easy to say, because both are good guys. Neither of the two is sneaky. The transparency becomes we will keep this weekend too. As long as the rules are adhered to, we have no problem with one or the other trying to gain a psychological advantage. That is part of Formula 1. '

Yes rages there throughout the season s Silver Arrows duel in full swing. Wolff remembers an exciting year: 'We discussed the rules at the beginning of the year. Then our unhappy communication came inHungary, which was not clear and unambiguous. Before that, Lewis drove the car straight ahead in the Hockenheim Sachskurve because we had the brake defect. Then it came to a head. Spa was the high point. '

After the Belgium weekend, everyone involved got together and discussed the relationship again.' But that was a very essential moment for us to remind us again what we did promised us at the beginning of the year. We won all races after Spa. The memory refreshment worked. '

Mercedes wants to be neutral

On race Sunday, Wolff has the last big task ahead of him. He has to console the loser:' Lewis once said: It will for one the best day and for the other the worst day of life. We know this. There's not much we can do about that. There will be big swings in emotions. We'll try to be neutral. '

' We're not going to jump around cheering because we respect each other. But we won't fall into depression either because he didn't make it. We will present the world champion to the public, but we cannot forget the other. We have to find the right balance to show respect for the performance of both. '


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