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Toro Rosso steps on the gas: a wishbone like a wing

Toro Rosso steps on the gas
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D he score is deceptive. Toro Rosso is only in 8th place with 19 points. At first glance, business as usual. But that is deceptive. The Toro Rosso STR10 is much better than the intermediate ranking in the World Cup suggests.

Experts believe that the Faenza construction is one of the top 3 in the field. James Key, chief technology officer, would also agree. He knows the GPS measurements and says: 'With a Mercedes engine we would be up front.' Other teams claim: definitely ahead of Red Bull. Toro Rosso has the better chassis.

One handicap for the Toro Rosso is the Renault engine. The B-Team just makes less wind about it than Red Bull. Every now and then there are small signs of the quality of the car. Whenever the engine performance does not play a decisive role. Or good aerodynamics to hide the lack of horsepower a bit.

In Barcelona and Monte Carlo, Toro Rosso put both cars in the top ten on the grid. It is often the case that the good training results cannot be redeemed in the race. This is also due to a relatively high failure rate. A Toro Rosso did not finish 6 times. 5 times for technical reasons.

When the rain came in the third training session at the Austrian GP, ​​Toro Rosso was a big hit. Carlos Sainz was clearly the fastest man on the wet track with 1.30.703 minutes. Nico Rosberg was in second place with 1.31.518 minutes.

Jenson Button and Nico Hülkenberg made it into the 1.32 times. Ferrari did not come under 1.33 minutes. Max Verstappen was stuck behind a Ferrari. But you could already see from the TV footage that the Dutchman had a lot more grip on the road.

New Toro Rosso wishbone like a wing

Formula 1 is a voracious dragon . Those who have no money are mercilessly left behind. The last expansion stage of Sauber dates from the Spanish GP. The next one is only intended for spa. Lotus has had a new front wing up its sleeve for several races. It cannot be built due to a lack of funds.

Force India had to wait until the GP England for a car that should have driven at this specification at the GP Australia. Problems with the chassis manufacturer and too little cash flow had delayed the entire development program.

Toro Rosso, on the other hand, developed more aggressively than ever before in his 10 years of Formula 1 membership. The first major upgrade came with the short one during the winter test drivesNose. The second facelift should be presented in Barcelona. 'We have divided it in two,' explains Technical Director Key. “We saved part two for Austria.”

And it was tough. The front wing, the engine cover, the underbody in front of the rear wheels, the rear wheel rims and the rear axle are new. The rear suspension is particularly interesting. The upper wishbone bends around the brake vents, which are lavishly equipped with winglets. The lower one is a mighty part that branches out to the transmission like a fork.

Toro Rosso takes up an idea that Mercedes shows on the front axle. Of course, the handlebars also serve aerodynamic purposes. Key therefore sent the FIA ​​a 21-page document to justify that the handlebars, which had been mutated into a wing, comply with the rules.

Another shortening of the nose was postponed until 2016. 'Too much money for too little progress', Key weighs up costs and benefits. We bet that Toro Rosso and Budapest can cause a surprise - especially when it rains.


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