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Sainz is looking forward to Ferrari engine
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F he 2015 season was disappointing for Toro Rosso over. With the zero number in Abu Dhabi, Lotus was 9 points missing and sixth place in the championship standings. On the chassis side, the car was actually clearly superior. But the deficit in terms of horsepower and reliability finally broke the neck of the little Red Bull sister team.

The mood is still good. It is clear that with a better engine you would have scored significantly more points. And after two years with Renault, improvement is finally in sight. If a solution is found for Red Bull, Toro Rosso will continue - with Ferrari engines.

2015 Ferrari engine for Toro Rosso

Although the engines from Maranello are in the In the coming season, Carlos Sainz is hoping for noticeable progress to match the 2015 level of development. 'It looks better for next year. We will definitely have a few more horsepower,' said the Spaniard happily. Toro Rosso is said to shell out 21 million euros for the old units. But that's still better than closing the factory in Faenza.

Sainz is not yet allowed to officially confirm that Ferrari will be the new engine supplier. The rookie couldn't help but give a little hint: 'Our team will maybe become a little more Italian,' grinned the Iberian. Sainz suffered particularly from the capricious Renault engine. He was canceled 6 times in 2015 with technical problems. Often the engine partner was at least partially to blame.

Sainz expects that the change will be accompanied by a clear increase - not just in terms of power: 'It can only get better. I am convinced that we will do next year We are making progress in terms of reliability, that the pit stops are better and that we get more mechanical grip. We are working hard on that. I think the prospects are good for next year. '

Sainz and Verstappen will stay with Toro Rosso in 2016

The two pilots have not yet been officially confirmed. But there is no reason to replace Sainz and team-mate Max Verstappen. Both had a good rookie season. There are currently no real alternatives. Sainz himself is not worried. Helmut Marko seems to be satisfied with the performance of his youngsters.

'Helmut Marko speaks very positively about meand also about the team, 'said Sainz.' It was also a surprise for him that we were even able to fight with Red Bull at times. Before the race in Abu Dhabi, we talked on the grid for 5 minutes. He sent me positive signals. '


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