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Top teams with tire problems: Lotus with Pirelli advantage

Top teams with tire problems
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R ed Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes were at the GP Australia duped by a car that was least expected. Kimi Räikkönen won the season opener in a Lotus-Renault. He was the only one of the top drivers to cover the distance with two stops.

Now the top teams are puzzled as to why the Lotus E21 handled the tires so gently. Mark Webber's first analysis was: 'It's in the DNA of this car. They have always used little tires.'

Pirelli tests with an ancient Lotus

The Australian has one true sentence said. The engineers at Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes have thought this knowledge through to the end. Can the advantage of Lotus be due to the fact that Pirelli is developing its tires with an earlier vehicle from this racing team?

It's a Renault R30 from 2010. Admittedly, an ancient car when measured against the progress of Formula 1. However, certain construction principles such as the chassis philosophy and the aero balance sometimes survive for years. An Adrian Newey has been running his cars from front to back since 1991.

Lotus competition sees itself at a disadvantage

If Jaime Alguersuari does endless test laps in the three-year-old Renault for Pirelli, then the results logically have an influence on tire development. Pirelli compares the test results with the current data and then determines its carcasses and rubber compounds

The DNA of the old Lotus alias Renault is also in the DNA of the tires. A team member of the competition exercises self-criticism: 'We slept there and underestimated this influence. Maybe we have to think about how we can better regulate this for the future.'


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