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Tires under discussion: points system for tires?

Tires under discussion
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A n once again the drivers pushed the topic. At a meeting with Pirelli sports director Mario Isola in Brazil, they complained that you couldn't attack the tires without overheating. One reason for this is Pirelli's policy of building long-lasting tires.

Because overtaking is so difficult, position on the track is becoming increasingly important. That forces the teams to change tires rather than less. Therefore, most of the 2019 Grand Prix were mastered with one-stop race strategies. The alarmists in the scene are talking about boredom again.

That is why FIA race director Charlie Whiting arranged a meeting with the team managers on Thursday (22.11.2018) in front of the GP Abu Dhabi to find ways out of the misery Find. The drivers' wish for a race without tire protection will certainly never come true. That fails because of the fuel consumption. 'If the drivers in Austin had been allowed to fully attack, all two laps before the end would have rolled out without gas,' says one of the team managers.

Two mandatory pit stops or points classification?

Whiting wanted discuss some thought models with the sporting directors of the ten teams that have recently come up on the table. In the future, all drivers should be free to choose their tires, including those who qualify in the top ten. Objection from the small teams: “Then the races will be even more boring. If the top teams choose the most durable tire on offer, a procession threatens. ”

Another suggestion is two mandatory pit stops, whereby the teams are free to choose the type of tire. The compulsion to use at least two different mixtures would then be eliminated. However, this regulation would probably have the consequence that the races for the spectators would be even more confusing.

A points system for tires also made the rounds. This means that every type of tire is assessed. Hard with 6 points, medium with 4, soft with 3. Each participant must have 12 points at the end of the race. So he can drive twice hard, three times medium or four times soft. And of course mix them too. Even this idea has little chance of clearing the hurdle of unanimity that would be needed in the event of late changes to the regulations for the 2019 season. 'Much too complicated,' the team manager said from circles.

At most, the request for more rain tires in Friday training should be applauded. Sauber team managerBeat Zehnder, however, doubts whether people will actually drive more: “Then it is too wet for one and too dry for the other. The third wants to save engine running time and the fourth doesn't risk any development parts in the rain. ”

A Mercedes engineer is amazed at the action:“ There will be new cars and new tires next year. Let's see how this will affect the races before we introduce any more new things. ”


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