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Tire contract until 2023: Pirelli brings 18-inch models into Formula 1

New tire contract until 2023
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D he rights holders have made the decision about the new Tire outfitters left a lot of time. The Korean company Hankook offered the F1 bosses of Liberty Media a lot of money to supply the rubbers to the 10 teams from 2020. But in the end the risk was obviously too great for those responsible. The contract with Pirelli was extended for a further three years, which was officially announced on the sidelines of the GP Abu Dhabi.

Pirelli guarantees a stable future

“Pirelli is an important and highly respected partner Formula 1, ”said F1 boss Chase Carey, explaining the decision. “You are the market leader when it comes to using modern and innovative technology. We are very pleased to conclude this agreement with you, which guarantees a long, stable future for a very crucial detail in Formula 1. ”

The manufacturer will remain the same, but the fans will still have to adapt to changes in the future to adjust. From the 2019 season, there will be no differentiation between six different mixtures. Then there will only be “Soft”, “Medium” and “Hard” for each race, which are marked with the colors red, yellow and white.

Formula 1 from 2021 with 18-inch wheels

From 2021 on, the new cars will bring with them a major regulatory reform, which will not spare the tires either. The future F1 generation will roll on 18-inch wheels with low-profile tires and no longer on the currently used balloon tires in 13-inch format. The exact dimensions of the rubbers of the future have not yet been determined.

At Pirelli, they are happy to have won the contract. “This is excellent news that we can extend our partnership with Formula 1 until 2023. Our commitment extends to a total of 13 seasons in the modern F1 era. Formula 1 remains at the forefront of motorsport and is therefore the perfect environment for Pirelli, ”explained Pirelli Vice President and Managing Director Marco Tronchetti Provera


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