Timo Glock: No chance without KERS

Timo Glock
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There was a lot of action right from the start. How did you get through there?

G lock: Actually quite good. I have been able to stay away from flying parts. I was even able to overtake Heikki (Kovalainen) in the S-turns. Then the safety car came out.

Where did you lose the place against Kovalainen again?

Glock: He overtook me immediately after the restart. On the home stretch he used his KERS. I didn't have a chance.

At the finish the gap was only eight seconds.

Glock: My problem was that the cars behind me could overtake me one after the other at the start-finish. That kept costing me time. Almost eight, nine tenths every round. You lose when braking in the first bend and when following behind in the S bends. Heikki was able to maintain his position better with KERS and move away a bit in front. In the second and third stint we were able to keep the gap smaller. At some point it was five seconds in the end, but then Hamilton passed three laps with a blue flag. But I couldn't get past Heikki anyway. If he saves his KERS, you have no chance.

Do you see Marussia on the same pace as Caterham?

Glock: We were regularly faster in the first sector. In the second sector, a lot of KERS can be used. We lose a little time there. But we are on the whole lap. Now we have to wait and see how it looks in Korea. There are also many long straights and KERS is a factor again. In general, however, the car felt good. It was really fun.

Does the car work better in the race than in qualifying?

Glock: It actually felt good in both of them. We took a step forward in the race. In Singapore we found out why I had such badly degrading tires in the race. The car is now much more consistent. We had carried the problem around with us all year, which is a bit of a shame. But nowit actually works quite well.

What progress do you now expect for the next races?

Glock: We will improve the package even more in detail. Of course, it helps if you don't have a problem in the third training session like here and can gain more experience. Maybe we can get a little more out of it.

Found the fault in the engine from the third training session?

Glock: He didn't perform in the race as far as I know. Now we have to see if we can drive the engine again in Korea.

What do you think of Romain Grosjean's campaign?

Glock: I watched it again on TV. But I have no idea where he was looking. He just drives into the Webber. Without going off the gas in any way. Maybe he just focused on the car next to him. But you still have to look ahead.

Is that still acceptable in the seventh crash in the start phase?

Glock: That has to be decided by his team. But I think that's crazy.

How do you spend the days leading up to the race in Korea?

Glock: I'm flying to a Korean island on Monday. There I'll be cycling a bit - together with Michael Schumacher.


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