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Timo Glock: Little hope in the fight against Lotus

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After the safety car phase, you were able to show Adrian Sutil the rear wing for a long time. How difficult was that?
G lock: It went relatively well for a long time. I was able to withstand the pressure to some extent. But I have to push so hard that at some point I lost my rear tires. Especially when I was on the brakes, I had more and more stationary bikes at the rear. At some point Sutil tried it. I just couldn't brake later.

And then H├╝lkenberg followed immediately.
Glock: H├╝lkenberg then got me off the road in turn one Road pressed. Then it was over for me. I had to let everyone go. When I thundered over the curbs, I probably also broke my gearbox. At some point the hydraulic pressure also dropped.

Was that the reason for the task in the end?
Glock: We were in a good position until the safety car phase. After that we were at the end. Nothing worked anymore. We were one lap behind Lotus and even had to let them through. We'd rather give up before we break the gearbox completely.

What was the idea behind the risky tactic?
Glock: Me I speculated that we could drive away a bit at the front. We also considered that in the end, with a fresh set of soft tires, you would be significantly faster than the others. We just risked it. But if there is a second safety car phase, you have no more chance. Then it's over.

Was the fight with the established teams at least fun?
Glock: I was able to ride relatively well at the beginning and really got everything out of it Car squeezed out. It was fun when you see that the Kobayashi didn't have a chance to go big or that it took Sutil so long before he could overtake. That was fine.

Did you hear anything about the Hamilton vs. Webber collision?
Glock: No, not much. I let the top pass during the restart and then just looked in the rear-view mirror.

Your team-mate Lucas di Grassi has asked for the safety car regulations to be changed so that lapped cars are not after the restart stand more in the way. How do you see it?
Glock: I see it that way too. We were inthis situation third and fourth. I don't understand why people don't just wave us over and practically give us the rounds for free. We can't do anything anyway. Then the race at the front is not ruined and we can still drive our race to some extent. I don't understand why they make such a huge thing out of it.

Virgin had calculated a lot for Singapore. What are the chances of overtaking Lotus in twelfth place in the last four races?
Glock: It will be very difficult. A lot has to happen. Maybe a crazy rain race or something like that. Otherwise I don't see any possibility.


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