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Three-way battle for the world title: Two Red Bulls against an Alonso

Three-way battle for the world title
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D he Silverstone track operators have signed up this year achieved a new podium. The drivers who splashed champagne under the large arch with the signatures of the previous England winners were the same as in 2011. However, the order was mixed up once.

Ferrari relies on hard tires

Fernando Alonso, who triumphed last year, had to be satisfied with second place this time. But the joy didn't really show itself after the race. 'If you lead the whole race and are overtaken four laps before the finish, you are obviously disappointed at first. But the 18 points are the same as I would have if I had come from third to second shortly before the end . '

Sebastian Vettel added:' If the race had run two or three laps longer, I might have experienced the scenario that Fernando has just mentioned. A Red Bull one-two was certainly in the area today of the possible. ' In his last stint on soft tires, Alonso could no longer keep up with the fast lap times of his pursuers.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali explained: 'We knew that we would be better with the hard tires. That's why we started on hard tires in order to be able to drive a long stint at the beginning and only a few more at the end Laps with the soft ones. We had a problem with understeer under these conditions. We need to analyze that. '

Two bulls against a horse in the World Championship fight

Mark Webber was able to reduce his deficit in the World Championship standings to 13 points with victory and is now within striking distance. 'The two most consistent drivers of the year are in front. That is the key,' analyzed Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. His second pilot is only a little more than a victory away with 29 points, although Vettel has already written a zero twice this year.

Is there any stress in the bull camp like it was in 2010? When Vettel and Webber fought against each other for the world title, the duel escalated - up to the collision in Istanbul. Alonso almost benefited from the feud at the time. In the fight against alonso it could also be problematic that Vettel and Webber take the points away from each other. 'People like to have such a headache,' grinned team boss Horner at the unpleasant subject.

The Briton does not believe that the team-internal duel will degenerate: 'Both have so much experience now. Seb has won two titles. He is the benchmark. It is a very healthy relationship between the two. They have a lot of mutual respect, which can also be seen in a direct duel on the track. '

Can McLaren strike back again?

Lewis Hamilton's first McLaren is 37 points behind Alonso, a long way off . The 2008 world champion only scored four points in the last two races. The trend speaks against the team from Woking. 'You weren't a factor today,' said Horner. The Briton warned against too early joy. 'At this point in the season I am not copying anyone. Not even Jenson Button.'

Colleague Domenicali agreed. 'The fight is close. It's nice that Fernando is still leading. It's also good that Lewis and Sebastian lost points. But the World Cup is still very open. I'm sure the McLaren will fight back again. Me.' was also impressed by the pace of the Lotus. It'll be exciting until the end. '


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