This is how Sebastian Vettel wins the title

Sebastian Vettel
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S ebastian Vettel's dream of the World Cup burst like a soap bubble within a second. In the 45th round of the GP Korea, the German, as the leader in the race, was the virtual world championship leader and top favorite for the title. One lap later, after the engine failure, he is only fourth in the World Championship. Now only a miracle can help him to become the youngest world champion of all time.

Vettel can't do it on his own

With two races to go, Vettel is 25 points behind Fernando Alonso, 14 points behind Mark Webber and four points behind Lewis Hamilton . While he could still win titles on his own against Webber and Hamilton, Vettel needs the help of the Ferrari driver or other colleagues in the Alonso case.

Alonso fulfills his own direction and also drives in the last two races each on the podium, Vettel could win in Brazil and Abu Dhabi by one lap and it would be of no use to him. He would make up a maximum of 20 points on the Spaniard. Alonso would have to place himself twice as fourth or worse, or once as third and once as fifth. In the event of a tie, Vettel would have the nose in front in this constellation due to fourth places. Then it would be 3-2 for the Red Bull driver.

Webber is the biggest problem

But Vettel has a much bigger problem on his cheek. This is his teammate. Red Bull threatens to slip the world title through its fingers again. While you could get over it last year, this time it would be grossly negligent, as superior as the Red Bull RB6 was in the 2010 season. 14 of 17 pole positions speak for themselves.

Anyone who wants to save what can still be saved at Red Bull has to bet their cards on Webber. Especially since one has to assume that Alonso is no longer naked. Webber can intercept Alonso eleven points behind on his own. If he wins twice, his opponent is powerless. In Brazil, every point that Webber can take away from the Ferrari driver is worth gold. That speaks against Vettel.

How does Vettel handle stable control?

But how can the Heppenheimer avoid a stable control, if it is even pronounced? There are a few scenarios that could help Vettel not have to drive for Webber. For example, a car lies between the two Red Bulls. Or Webber fails. Or Alonsostops and the Red Bull Boys would be in the order Vettel-Webber on the way to a double victory. If Alonso were in third to sixth place in such a racing situation, the decision for the Red Bull command post would be extremely delicate.

If he played Webber forward, he could close the gap all at once. But then Vettel would only make up a few points on the Spaniard and his starting position in Abu Dhabi would be even more hopeless. If the Red Bull strategists let Vettel win before Webber, there would be a fire under the roof. Then we would immediately have a repeat of the stable warfare of Istanbul and Silverstone. Webber would then probably ask the team why they want to steal the world title from him.

Webber will give everything

Maybe Vettel will do everything in qualifying with his tenth pole position, and Webber will never come close. The opposite is to be expected, however. Webber was always quick in Brazil, even in the Jaguar. And he won the race last year. Due to the precarious situation in the World Cup, he will give up his fearful driving mode. Relieved of the pressure to be the hunted, he too will drive with the motto all or nothing.


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