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Thinking mistake instead of computer glitch: only the race position counts

GP Monaco 2015 (analysis)
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W is Hamilton's second stop necessary?

It was completely superfluous. Even if Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel had switched to super soft tires, there is no danger. Hamilton would have held the lead even with his worn out tires. He's too experienced and ripped off for that. Vettel also made it against Hamilton. In addition, in the worst case, Hamilton would have had Rosberg on his neck. So there would definitely have been a Mercedes victory.

The Mercedes computer should also have recognized that Ferrari would never have called Vettel into the pits. Kvyat was only 17.3 seconds behind. Too little to stop at the pit stop in front of the Red Bull. Note: The most important thing in Monte Carlo is the position on the track. And the lesson: Mercedes shouldn't be so believing in data.

Why didn't Vettel make it past Rosberg?

Ferrari tried the 'undercut' with Vettel. It didn't work for two reasons. First, Vettel was 2.2 seconds behind Rosberg on the lap before. And then he got behind Merhi as he pulled out of the pits. That took 1.5 seconds. Ferrari did better with Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn pitied one lap after Daniel Ricciardo. And came by promptly. Why: Ricciardo had a slow lap in the pits and a slow one after the exit. Räikkönen won 2.6 seconds over his direct competitor when driving in.

Would Ricciardo deserve a penalty?

Daniel Ricciardo bumped into the first lap after the Safety car past Kimi Raikkonen in the Mirabeau bend. The worn-out 'Soft' brand tires weren't quite up to temperature yet. The Red Bull had quickly set fire to the supersoft rubbers. Because Ricciardo touched the Ferrari with the left front wheel, the stewards initiated an investigation. Result: A completely normal racing accident.

'Kimi squeezed Ricciardo more and more inside. Where should he go? It was different with Alonso and Hulkenberg. Hulkenberg left Fernando enough space. But Alonso's McLaren got crossed and Nico in the tire wall pressed. That's why there was also a penalty, 'explained FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

Who's to blame: Verstappen or Grosjean?

For them The case was clear to the race management: definitely Max Verstappen. It's like driving on the road. The driver is (almost) always to blame. FirstVerstappen did not confirm that Romain Grosjean had braked 15 meters earlier. The data show the opposite. The Lotus driver applied the brakes a bit later than on the lap before. Second, it doesn't matter. Grosjean could have had a technical problem that forced him to brake earlier. For example, declining brakes or little grip from the tires. Verstappen will still learn: Nothing can be forced in Monte Carlo.

What happened on the first lap?

There were three collisions. Hulkenberg against Massa, Alonso against Hulkenberg and Stevens against Ericsson. Massas and Hülkenberg came to the pits to change the front wing. Your race was over.

How did Carlos Sainz get from behind to front?

The Spaniard switched from supersoft to soft on lap 12. And then he held out for 66 laps. Before the pit stop, Sainz had worked his way up to 15th place. The tire change threw him back to 17th place. Then he had to line up behind Marcus Ericsson for 23 laps. When the Sauber driver went to change tires, the starting number 55 moved up the lap table. Sainz gained two more places through pit stops by his opponents and was now stuck in 12th place for nine laps behind Valtteri Bottas.

Then he had to let pass on the orders of his boxing team-mate Verstappen before Bottas also disappeared into the pit lane . Verstappen did the rest. His crash with Grosjean brought Sainz into the points. Felipe Nasr could no longer be cracked. The Brazilian got a set of super soft tires for the final. In return, Sainz successfully fought against Hülkenberg. 'I had no chance against him. The Toro Rosso killed itself with the better traction,' stated Hülkenberg.


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