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The Red Bull riddle: where is the horsepower lost?

The Red Bull puzzle
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R ed Bull has restored the internal order in Shanghai. The A-Team faces junior partner Toro Rosso. Now the attack on Williams is planned. The reasons for miracle healing are simple. Renault has again improved the drivability of the engine. 'We want to be at the stand we want by the Monaco GP,' hopes team advisor Helmut Marko.

In Shanghai, the Red Bull RB11 presented itself for the first time as balanced as the drivers would like . You can now brake deep into the corners again. More stable aerodynamics and modifications to the brakes gave Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat confidence in their car. Red Bull is now driving all around with Brembo discs again.

Red Bull in Barcelona with a short nose

That but is only the first step. 'Our big aerodynamics package will arrive in Barcelona,' announced Marko. With the short nose, with a completely new front wing concept and the tailor-made tail. In the three weeks before the Spanish GP, the crash test should finally be passed. The current RB11 is really just a fix-it-all. 'Because we have not yet been able to homologate the short nose, we are still using the interim solution from the test drives,' says Marko.

Until the European season, Renault also has to clear a riddle that it currently has gives no answers. On the test stands in Paris, 40 hp more are displayed than are actually available in the car. 'They just disappear and nobody knows why,' Marko shakes his head.

From 280 km /h, the cars with Mercedes and Ferrari engines really push again. Renault runs out of juice because the MGU-K is no longer feeding any electrical power into the system. You suspect some dog in the software. It cannot be due to the installation in the Red Bull. Toro Rosso has the same problem.


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