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The Grosjean Miracle: How Good Is The New Lotus?

The Grosjean miracle
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W as for two comebacks. On Monday, Kimi Raikkonen gave his first guest appearance after a two-year break. The Finn reminded himself with the best time of the day. Two days later Romain Grosjean surprised the Formula 1 community with a time that was eight tenths of Sebastian Vettel's best lap. Raikkonen and Grosjean are in the same car. The Lotus E20-Renault.

Competition impressed by Lotus

After Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld had surprised with best times in the test winter last year, doubts are in order. Is this just a flash in the pan or a harbinger of a changing of the guard at the top? Sebastian Vettel does not believe in show rounds. He refers to the consistency of the lap times at Lotus. 'At Ferrari, McLaren and us there are still question marks.'

Nico Hülkenberg described the black car as a 'rocket with an incredible amount of grip' after studying at the edge of the track. Keke Rosberg also gave the Lotus a good report: 'The Red Bull and the Red Bull make the best impression on the track.'

Lewis Hamilton answered the question of how he achieved Grosjean's time of 1:18 Estimates 419 minutes, cool: 'A good qualifying round.' Mark Webber wanted to know which tires the Frenchman was wearing at the time of his record laps. When he was told that the Lotus Medium tire was on, the Australian grimaced. 'Then it was a very good lap.'

Lotus time with little fuel?

Hamilton underlines this because he slips a comment that normally does not get the hurdle McLaren censorship would have happened. 'We were aggressive with the Spirt on our fast laps.' Grosjean couldn't have had less in the tank. So Hamilton was a second slower under comparable conditions.

Grosjean smiled when asked about the fuel level: 'There was gasoline in it. Enough for the lap. How much I don't say.' Since he drove five laps at a time, the minimum amount can easily be calculated: Anything between 15 and 20 liters.

New Lotus easy to drive

Grosjean beamed all over my face. 'The car is easy to drive and predictable in every phase. Especially in fast corners. Even if you go over the limit, it can easily be caught again. I can trust this car, yes I can play with it.' /p>

The 25-year-old from Genevalike Kimi Raikkonen has been suspended for two years. In 2009 he contested seven races for Renault. With moderate success. Then he disappeared into oblivion, drove GT1 and GP2. Until team owner Gerard Lopez gave him a second chance. 'Romain needed this lesson. Everything went too smoothly in his first career. He earned his place with the GP2 title last year. And now it's up to him how long he stays with us.'

Grosjean now has another world champion as a team-mate. In 2009 it was Fernando Alonso, this time it is Kimi Räikkönen. 'When you sit in the cockpit and fold your visor, you don't think that your teammate is a world champion. Then he is an opponent like everyone else.'

At the moment, you are even more competitive with the competition Worries about Raikkonen. 'If Grosjean sets such lap times, then we really have to watch out for Kimi. He could be a candidate for Grand Prix victories,' believes Webber.


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