The Formula 1 drivers then and now

Formula 1 drivers
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D he Formula 1 drivers are considered real guys, they are daring, willing to take risks. And it is precisely these character traits that the often relaxed and casual-looking racing drivers exude. But have you ever wondered what men actually looked like in the past?

From dairy boys to real men

Michael Schumacher, for example, relied on a different head of hair and let himself tickle the neck with small curls. Or Rubens Barrichello. There is a photo of the Formula 1 oldie with which he may apply to teams with a tie and jacket. Mark Webber is also barely recognizable in the photo from his Formula Ford days.

As far as the younger Formula 1 candidates are concerned, you can see a major visual development in most of them. In their career from young drivers to Formula 1 professionals, former dairy boys like Sebastian Vettel or Nico H├╝lkenberg matured into real men.

But see for yourself in our photo show and guess who is in the pictures can be seen.


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