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The first F1 future concepts are available: Formula 1 fans, what do you want?

The first F1 future concepts are available
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A on February 5th, Bernie Ecclestone, FIA President Jean Todt and the representatives of the six teams of the strategy group discussed the Formula 1 of the future. It should start in 2017. In addition to 1,000 hp engines, conceivable concepts for the car were also discussed.

According to Ecclestone, the Formula 1 car of the future should look 'aggressive'. And move with the times. Red Bull and McLaren submitted drawings. Ferrari has a concept up its sleeve.

First concepts for Formula 1 cars of the future

We know what Red Bull has proposed and what Ferrari would like best. And we are disappointed. The Ferrari Formula 1 is a disguised sports car that looks not dissimilar to the La Ferrari. Who is surprised?

Red Bull takes the current cars as a basis, inflates them to a width of two meters and gives them huge rear tires. The front wing is a proud 1.85 meters wide and deeper. The rear wing wider and lower. In addition, as before, a lower element. The baffles in front of the side pods get more space. Here, too, the intention can be seen. It is a concept that Red Bull is hoping to return to success with.

But that is exactly the wrong approach. Actually, everyone involved should come up with a proposal, including the FIA ​​and the rights holders. Fans should also be able to submit ideas. Then you filter out the feasible concepts and let the audience vote. And only that. What should the strategy group do in this election? The cars have to please the audience and not the participants.

We have selected five different concepts from which the Formula 1 car of the future could be assembled. The first is a return to deep noses in the early 1990s. The Jordan EJR191 from 1991 is such an example, but so is the Williams FW14B from 1992. The front wing grew straight out of the nose. Seen from the front, the car was just above the road, the end plates generated a shower of sparks.

The wheelbase was around three meters and the cars were still two meters wide. Of course, the rest of the car, especially the side pods and wings, would have to adapt to today's standards. Back then, the side parts were still simple pontoons and not as elegantly drawn in at the bottom as they are today. The rear end was wide instead of slim. The FIA ​​won't love this concept that much because they are afraid that if you have deep noses, you willRear-end collision, the vehicle behind it submerges under the other.

Between 2000 and 2008, the Hochnasen had a boom. Every inch of the car was used for downforce. The picture was distorted in 2009 by the 1.80 meter wide front wing and the only 75 centimeter wide rear wing. In addition, the 75 millimeter radius rule forbade practically all structures on the cladding. The most extreme cars in this class are from the 2008 season. The whole body was full of fins, chimneys and winglets. Many fans liked that.

IndyCar or Newey study as a model?

We can also go completely different Say goodbye to the traditional outfit of a Formula 1 car. Why not fenders and wheel covers? No Formula 1, say the purists. But maybe we are all thinking too conservatively. Would the IndyCar cars with their Batman look be an alternative? Only the rear, of course. The front end of these Dallaras doesn't match the rest of the car. The basic idea can certainly be transformed into an appealing concept by smart designers.

Why not something very extreme right away. A car like the one Adrian Newey designed for Red Bull X2010 before 2010. The task for the star designer was: Build the ultimate racing car. Newey thought he was in paradise. Drew a vehicle that looked like it was from another planet. With wheel covers, ground effect, active suspension, closed cockpit pulpit and the vacuum cleaner principle.

Or do you think the current Formula 1 cars with the now slightly nicer noses are okay? Maybe with wider tires and a wider track, as presented by Red Bull at the strategy meeting. Write to us and vote. Maybe you have a much better idea. Send us your concepts and we will publish them.

In our picture gallery we show again where those responsible for Formula 1 could 'steal' ideas.


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