The 2021 Formula 1 season in numbers

The craziest Formula 1 season ever also produced crazy facts and figures. We have selected curious numbers for you that are not immediately obvious.

With 22 races over 259 days, it was the longest Formula 1 season in history. And one of the best at the same time. The title duel kept teams and fans in suspense. Max Verstappen only made the decision on the last of the season's 6,409 kilometers of racing. These are our figures for an extraordinary year.

The new Jeddah Corniche Circuit has 27 curves. This puts him in 4th place behind the old Nürburgring (73), Clermont-Ferrand (51) and Pescara (43).

1 Only on one race track is the average speed below 200 km/h. Monte Carlo is the slowest route at an average of 170.773 km/h.

34 world champions have entered the list of champions since 1950 with Max Verstappen.

3 motorsport personalities left us forever this year: Carlos Reutemann, Max Mosley and Frank Williams.

31.2 There were overtaking maneuvers on average per Grand Prix. Last year there were 31.4 overtakes per race.

111 Esteban Ocon was the 111th GP winner in history.

The Belgian GP lasted 3.27 minutes. It was the shortest Grand Prix in history and the only one not to run a lap at race pace.

Kimi Räikkönen completed 350 GP starts when he retired. This is new record. Fernando Alonso will surpass him in 2022. He has 334 GP starts.

3 The Monaco GP podium with Max Verstappen (23), Carlos Sainz (26) and Lando Norris (21) was the third youngest in history with an average age of 23 years and 352 days.

2 drivers switched to their fifth team in 2021. Sebastian Vettel (BMW, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Ferrari, Aston Martin) and Daniel Ricciardo (HRT, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren). Record holder is Chris Amon with 13 teams.

Max Verstappen climbed onto the podium 18 times. This is a new record in one year.

2 teams changed their names and colors this year. Racing Point (pink) became Aston Martin (green). Renault (yellow) was renamed Alpine (blue).

Renault had to wait 4,676 days before they could celebrate another GP victory with Esteban Ocon on August 1st in Budapest. The last one before that dated October 12, 2008. At that time, Fernando Alonso won the Japanese GP in Fuji.

31 times the World Cup was only decided in the final. For the first time, both title candidates went into the final with the same number of points.

1 replacement driver was used. Robert Kubica stood in for Kimi Raikkonen for two races.

13 drivers were on the podium in 2021. Only Stroll, Tsunoda, Raikkonen, Giovinazzi, Latifi, Schumacher and Mazepin got nothing.

33.8 percent of all World Championship points distributed went to Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

745 pit stops were counted at the 22 races, an average of 35.5 per race (excluding Spa).

362.0 km/h was the highest top speed of the season. Sebastian Vettel scored it at the Italian GP in Monza.

52 laps were completed behind the safety car. Bernd Mayländer was sent out onto the track 16 times in 14 races.

19 engine penalties were issued because the quota was exceeded. The leader was Valtteri Bottas with six drive units.

6 times the race was stopped with the red flag: Emilia Romagna, Baku, Silverstone, Budapest, Spa, Jeddah.


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