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Tests, Engineering & amp; third car: Ferrari threatens to exit

Tests, technology & third car
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A The perfect Ferrari world met on the weekend the home route in Mugello to the traditional 'Finali Mondiali'. For company boss Luca Montezemolo, the closed event without annoying competition offered the perfect opportunity to express criticism of the current Formula 1 format again.

'Formula 1 is still our life, but without Ferrari there is it's not a Formula 1, just like Ferrari would look different without Formula 1, 'the Italian once again played with the idea of ​​leaving the premier class. 'We can be very patient, but there are a few precise conditions so that we can continue with our work.'

Less aerodynamics, more test drives

The most important one The point for the company boss is the lack of technology transfer from Formula 1 to series production. 'It's not so good that 90 percent of the performance is based solely on aerodynamics,' criticized Montezemolo. 'We manufacture cars, not helicopters, missiles or airplanes.'

Also on the Scuderia Capo's wish list is the reintroduction of test drives during the season. Three years after the introduction of the test ban, Montezemolo is calling for the rules to be relaxed.

'Of course we can't go back to the excesses of a few years ago,' said the Italian on the sidelines of the Ferrari spectacle in Tuscany. 'But we shouldn't be in a position where we can't offer the youngsters from our Ferrari Driver Academy any opportunities.'

Montezemolo is again promoting the third car

Point three in Montezemolo's list of demands is the use of a third car. Despite the massive concerns of the competition, the 64-year-old never tires of promoting the idea. 'We support this not only out of our own interest but as a benefit for the sport in general. We believe that the interest of fans, media and sponsors increases when there are more competitive cars on the track.'

Montezemolo made his demands not without the usual threatening backdrop. Should theFormula 1 does not develop as desired, the Scuderia is only left with the exit. 'If Formula 1 still wants Ferrari, it has to change and take a leading position in terms of research while always keeping an eye on costs. We are not sponsors in Formula 1 but as designers.'

After the corresponding media echo, the Scuderia tried to quickly recapture the statements of its own president on Monday (November 7th). 'Some have seen it as an ultimatum or the threat of leaving Formula 1, but that's not the case,' Maranello clarified in his infamous 'Horse Whisperer' column. The comments were purely constructive.

In our photo gallery we have put together the best pictures of the Finali Mondiali in Mugello. See Gerhard Berger in his former company car, many old Formula 1 racers and the most spectacular scenes of the Ferrari party in Tuscany.


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