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Tequila party at Sauber: Perez faster than all forecasts

Tequila party at Sauber
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E Actually, things are rather slow at Sauber. After the race, a few bottles of beer will be decapitated behind the pits. If the races are good, a few more. This time there was a boozy party in the motorhome. The Mexicans in the team celebrated Sergio Perez's second place loudly. And Peter Sauber celebrated gratefully.

Clean three-digit for the first time

It was the third time that Perez landed on the podium. And it was the fourth time that both Sauber drivers scored points. For the first time in the history of Sauber the 100 point mark was broken. Kamui Kobayashi also saved two points home. This means that Sauber is 26 points behind Mercedes. 'As much as before Spa,' said the boss with relish.

Mercedes is the Swiss destination. It's not that unrealistic at all. Even if Mercedes brings a facelift of the car in Singapore. Sauber will counter in Suzuka with his third technical package. Every cent that is invested in the development of the Sauber C31 is worth it. The difference between fifth and sixth in the Constructors' Cup is several million dollars.

Perez's three podium finishes all followed the same pattern. The Mexican always came from the low of the grid. In Malaysia it was 9th. In Canada, 15th. At the Italian GP, ​​starting position 12th. Perez always stopped late and drove faster on old tires than some of his opponents on new ones. And then he switched on the turbo in the second half of the race.

Perez drives one record lap after another

Peter Sauber particularly liked the second half of the race at Monza: 'Sergio is a race of its own He sometimes took over a second from the people in front. We couldn't believe our eyes, but there was one record after another. ' It is almost a luxury that Sauber could be annoyed about the missing fastest race lap on Nico Rosberg. 'In the end, the Mercedes drivers were faster. But they already had their third tires on.'

At the pit wall, the Sauber strategists had to change their own calculations. When the boss asked chief engineer Giampaolo Dall‘Ara a forecast halfway through the race, he got the answer: sixth or seventh place. Then the Italian had to constantly correct himself.

Perez only came in to change tires on lap 29 and started the last 24 laps in eighth place.'Our preferred window was between laps 24 and 30,' revealed Sauber. 'We were surprised that Sergio was able to drive so fast so late.'

Sauber strategy works perfectly

According to team manager Beat Zehnder, the start of the race on the hard tires was on the Hand. 'With full tanks, the hard tires are better. With the soft tires, Sergio was able to drive faster than the rest of the competition. He was driving through tunnel vision. When he passed Alonso, he immediately wanted to know how far away Hamilton was is. ' Too far, because Lewis Hamilton still had reserves.

There was no danger that Perez would overuse the tires in his race to catch up. Sauber: 'We knew from Kamui's first stint how long the medium tires would last.' Now Sauber is only missing the first win. Even that is no longer excluded in the Confederate camp. 'Not much is missing. But for that we need better starting positions,' warns the boss. 'We finally have to overcome the curse that we can only get a good race result if we start from behind.'


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