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Tenth pole for Hamilton: & # 34; Like from another planet & # 34;

Tenth pole for Hamilton
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Z next a little statistics: Lewis Hamilton drove on his in Spa 48th pole position. It was the tenth this year, the sixth in sequence and the third in Spa. The lead over teammate Nico Rosberg was 0.458 seconds. The rest of the field was 1.4 seconds or more behind. Hamilton's second fastest lap would also have been good enough for pole position.

The difference was made by the second sector with its 10 corners. There alone Hamilton brought out 0.547 seconds on Rosberg. Team boss Toto Wolff judged: 'Lewis drove like someone from another planet. The speed in the middle sector was really impressive.'

Nico Rosberg was also exhausted. After the best time in Q2, the German had justified hopes for the best time in training. 'I lost the thread a little in the third free practice session and then converted the car. It went really well in qualifying.' When Rosberg rolled into the parc fermé, he knew that it was only enough for second place, but he didn't know the distance yet. 'That was a bad surprise.'

Hamilton keeps sector 2 secret

From the cockpit perspective, the second sector also felt good. 'With a view to the race, I tuned the car more to understeer, but of course that's no explanation. Lewis pulled something out of the hat that I couldn't counter.'

The telemetry showed that most of the time in turns 12, 13 and 14 was lost. Hamilton did not want to reveal his secret. 'Have I found a different line? It's confidential. Let's put it this way: The car was perfectly balanced for the sector. That wasn't always the case in the past.'

Rosberg calms down with the realization that that the situation has reversed compared to 2014. 'This year my racing speed is better. In the race there are many opportunities to get past Lewis. At the start, where a lot can happen because of the new start procedure. On the long straight out of the slipstream. And then nobody knows how long the tires will last Will keep the race. There might be something with the strategy too. '

Hamilton admitted that the first lap worries him a little. 'It's true that pole position in Spa brings the smallest advantage of all races because the second can suck in on the long straight in the slipstream. But should I therefore purposely take second place? I just have to make sure that I doGet away from Nico at the start. '

The puncture is forgotten in the cockpit

The puncture from Friday is also haunted in the minds of those responsible for Mercedes: 'We examined everything together with Pirelli, but did not come across an answer. The damage could not be reproduced. There is only one theory. And that is that some foreign body has damaged the tire, 'explained Wolff.

As an additional safety measure, Mercedes also reduced the camber on the rear axle.' Although we were within the permissible range with all parameters. ' at Rosberg maybe because of fear of another flat tire, the inner handbrake also? The World Cup runner-up says no: 'In the cockpit you don't think about the tire.'


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