Technology Upgrades Italian GP 2022: Wing Show

Italian GP 2022

In Monza it was all about the wings. Front, back and bottom. Seven teams have trimmed their wings, which were already in use in Baku and Spa, on Monza. This usually means smaller flaps or the omission of elements.

Teams used to build their own Monza cars with smaller wings, special fairing and underbody adjustments. Those days are over. The budget cap and limited wind tunnel time no longer allows such escapades for one of 22 races on the calendar. Nevertheless, seven teams brought changes. They only referred to the wings.

The wings that had already been used in Baku and Spa served as the basis. They were trimmed again for less air resistance. Mercedes reduced the angle of attack of the front wing flaps and the lower rear wing. Red Bull, McLaren and Aston Martin reduced the area of ​​the flap by lowering the upper edge. Ferrari and Williams limited themselves to one element instead of two in the beam wing. Alpine simply omitted the gurney on the lower rear wing.

Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin also adjusted the front wings. Of all the teams, Aston Martin took the most radical approach. The engineers already wanted to test the Monza wing in Spa. Rain in the first practice held the British racing team from it.

Here is our rundown of Monza's upgrades:


  • Front wing: reduced flap angle of attack.
  • Lower wing: lower angle of attack of the beam wing in the rear.
  • Red Bull

  • Rear wing: The area of ​​the flap has been reduced.
  • Ferrari

  • Lower wing: Beam wing composed of a single element to reduce drag.
  • McLaren

  • Front Wing: Shorter front wing flap to better balance the car on the smaller rear wing.
  • Rear wing: smaller flap.
  • Alpine

  • Lower wing: Beam wing without gurney.
  • Aston Martin

  • Front wing: Smaller flap to reduce air resistance.
  • Rear wing: Reduced flap area.
  • Williams

  • Lower wing: One-piece beam wing.

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