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Technology upgrades GP Spain: More than mirrors and noses

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Technology upgrades GP Spain 2018
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D In the beginning of Europe, technology is wiping out -Friends in bold red on the calendar every year. And this season too, the engineers did not disappoint their fans in Spain. Almost all teams had new parts for the Barcelona race in their luggage. McLaren, Red Bull and Force India could almost be called a B version.

McLaren nose is a long time coming

On the grid, we were able to photograph the new front section in all its glory.

McLaren had already fueled expectations in advance. The first information about the new nose has been wandering around the paddock for several weeks. It should be unusual and unique, they said. But nobody knew what exactly the technicians in Woking had worked out. The secret was finally revealed late on Thursday afternoon.


When the McLaren mechanics carried the new component from the warehouse, a small number of onlookers were already in the pit lane. Much to the delight of the fans and the photographers, the nose with its three nostrils was mounted directly and the car was pushed outside for a pit stop training session. You could also take a first look at the new baffles, the new underbody and the new diffuser.

Ferrari mirror for a race

At Ferrari you didn't have to wait that long . The new rear-view mirrors, recently sticking out of the halo, were clearly visible from the pit lane while the mechanics were still assembling the rest of the car. In the first technical inspection on Thursday, the FIA ​​inspectors didn't seem to mind.

But after theCompetition intervened, race director Charlie Whiting dropped by Sebastian Vettel's garage in person. The end of the story: From Monaco, Ferrari has to bring a modified version or upgrade to the old solution. The stumbling block were the small fins mounted on the top. The FIA ​​did not follow Ferrari's argument that it would contribute to the stability of the construction.

Besides the McLaren nose and the Ferrari mirrors, there was much more to discover in Barcelona. And during the test drives during the week, the technology fans were then served a second helping. In the gallery we show you, as usual, how the cars have changed in detail.


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